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    Reel Louisiana Video Contest

    So...... Here is my question. You are promting this Lousiana contest from the angle of "we" yet your display information shows Montana and the contest shows Denver time. I live in Texas but I am from Hammond / Ponchatoula Louisiana and yes, I am a bit suspicious. Perhaps you are just hi-lighting...
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    watch The Eyes Of The Wolves Awake - Music Video

    Nice, Nice, Nice. Loved it. Good luck.
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    watch LAST EXIT (SHORT)

    Kool. Looks good.
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    Brexit: Sad day for the UK...

    Interesting. I find myself to be anything but an idiot.
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    Brexit: Sad day for the UK...

    It is goot for England to be independent. I hate that globalization bs. Countries not having their own identity is bad for humanity.
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    How to format Intercut sequence between two version of the same scene?

    The show Leverage had an episode where all 5 characters had a different story on a previous instance with their own intermertation involving the other characters they did not know at the time of the instance. Don't know if that wuold help you but you knever know...
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    Screenwriting software: Which and why?

    Movie Magic Screenwriter. It is what I have always used and see no reason to change.
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    I DON"T suport your belief system. I find it horrendous.
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    [Feb 20] What are you working on this week? Group production log

    Hoping our cinematographer does not try to re-edit my final edit that he is just supposed to do color on.
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    Time to go pro...

    Good luck on that. I wish you much success.
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    How to go about renting out military vehicles?

    Hmmm.. No answer for that but I wish it were possible in the future for use...
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    The Magnificent Seven (2016) Pretty picture, sounds good, lots of gunplay, entertaining. I like Denzel if everything but really, in 1879 I seriously doubt an African-American is going to be running around in the west gathering up a group of guys to take out a robber baron, much less being...
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    Blackmagic Design Announces New ATEM Television Studio HD

    Good thing you posted this as I might have missed the other 3 posts you made on subject.
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    Hello From Broken Anchor Design

    Kool focus rings
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    Do you think that filmmakers lie about their budgets to look good sometimes?

    Yest they lie. If they put out a low budget the distributor will lowball them on distribution. If they inflate the budget they might get a better distribution deal. Or not.
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    Bonejangles - Feature Film

    Congrats on the deal. Best of luck on the future.
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    watch Second Trailer of An Hour Past Her Time

    Oops. I guess I missed the part about not critiquing. That is what you will get when you post on a filmmaking site. Then you say come correct and be constructive. That sounds like you want critique. Look like you just want glad hand. If I like something I will tell you. If I think there is a...
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    watch Second Trailer of An Hour Past Her Time

    Watched several times. Afraid I will have to join the chorus. Could not undersdand them, nothing there to make me want to see it (actually the bitchy girl bit makes me not want to see it) I know you had to be dropping the music down for the dialouge but it was not working for me. Would have been...