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  1. gooberman

    North Carolina

    Any filmmakers in NC?
  2. gooberman

    New, Not new

    Yeah you're right. I'm not a kid anymore and a lot has happened. Iv seen some shit lol.
  3. gooberman

    New, Not new

    Lol thanks. Glad to be back. I see there is now tapatalk integration. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New, Not new

    Hey everyone... I was frequent poster here A couple years ago. I had big dreams to make something, anything. I never did. Life got in the way and has been in the way. Maybe soon Ill get back into it. Im here mainly for friends and motivation,
  5. gooberman

    Puppet Escape

    Id like to invite you all to take a look at a short film Im funding through GoFundme. A contribution is much appreciated and a share on a social network site is also appreciated. Thanks, Gabriel
  6. gooberman

    Indietalk mobile app UPDATE: IT on TapaTalk

    I would love to have an app like that. I'm on the go a lot and no offense indietalk but it's kinda a pain in the ass to use this site on a mobile site.
  7. gooberman

    Indietalk mobile app UPDATE: IT on TapaTalk

    It would be awesome if we could get a mobile app for @indietalk is there any plans in the future for something like this? I would definitely pay .99$ or even 1.99$ for it on the App Store.
  8. gooberman

    watch Sydneys Cooking Show

    My daughter has been bugging me telling me she wants to be a star and she wants to have her own TV show. She's 4 so of course these things are as easy as pie in her mind. So I let her get in front of the camera and let her do her thing. As for right now this is her first "episode" but we are...
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    These Asylum Hollywood toys you're advertising in you're signature, are they one of your...

    These Asylum Hollywood toys you're advertising in you're signature, are they one of your creations or you just a proud supporter? They are pretty awesome.
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    Need FaceBook likes!

    Thanks Richard! Thanks Josh! Thanks Jow!
  11. gooberman

    watch Fallout : Tales of the Commonwealth:: PILOT

    This is a Pilot to the new Fallout Fan Series; Tales of the Commonwealth. Full Series to come out over the next year's time. FIXED
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    Need FaceBook likes!

    thanks!... 1 more like and Ill reach my first short term goal. WOOHOO!
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    Need FaceBook likes!

    Thanks! same for you.
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    what is it? (lens)

    OMG... What movie is this from? I haven't seen it in years
  15. gooberman

    Need A List of Human Trafficking Movies

    Taken from IMDB- 134 titles
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    Need FaceBook likes!

    THANKS! I gave you a double like with my personal page and my fan page.
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    Need FaceBook likes!

    Whats up everyone. I need 4 more likes on my FaceBook page to be able to see Insight info. PLEASE help me get there. Thanks everyone. Stellar community!
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    Welcome to the forums
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    Google+ Filmakers Circle

    Whats up everyone?!?! Long time no see! I Recently started a circle on google+ so if you all would check it out, Add yourselves, and +1 it, I would be much appreciative. You can type in the hash tag in the google+ search bar #filmmakerscircleshare Or you can follow this link...
  20. gooberman

    watch New video online: Alone In The Dark

    Looked awesome. The gun was fine. If i was to carry a pistol, I wouldn't carry it with a round chambered.