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  1. directorik

    software-related AI Video has arrived - It looks incredible

    This is going to put a lot of crews out of work.
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    producing One Location Challenge

    Nothing to forgive. It's fine to want something artistically stunning. But, I am and always have been just your average-Joe write and film maker. I prefer to simply entertain. Just teasing you a bit.
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    producing One Location Challenge

    All of my short films were in one location. One was a guy in a closet and there's something out there. My first feature was one location - technically... It was an old mansion so there were many different room and a creepy basement. All of my ultra low budget features were four or less...
  4. directorik

    campaign Suspense, Surprises, Sassy!

    That's a pretty good connection. Who does she play? I'm glad that so many people know the Thin Man movies - what a great series. That's the first thing I thought of when I watched the trailer - "Nick and Lana" made me laugh.
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    campaign Suspense, Surprises, Sassy!

    Indiegal, how are you connected to this movie?
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    Needing advice

    I wish you had given all the info in your first post. The actions you need to take are different when the question isn't hypothetical and the film is finished.
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    Needing advice

    Then the action you need to take is to walk across the street and talk to the producers. Tell them you do not want to be in their movie. So this isn't a quick hypothetical question - this is something that happened to you?
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    campaign Suspense, Surprises, Sassy!

    The entire history of film making is filled with movies made for very little money that made a lot of money. And as Mara points out those number are always deflated. Yes, Rodriguez was about $7,200 out of pocket - the movie we saw was far more than that. Given the current cameras available (as...
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    Needing advice

    In order to answer I will need to know what your concern is. Are you in witness protection and being filmed will endanger your life? The action you need to take in that example is different than if you want to be paid for your on screen appearance. Does being filmed going yard work embarrass...
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    screenplay How to make it in the UK?

    Writing is the next best step and is the right track. Write that pilot and that feature. Write another short script and direct it. That; or find an animator who is looking for a good script - then collaborate. You should spend the amount of time you need on a first draft. There are no...
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    screenplay Any General critique

    My first thought is similar to someone asking me to watch their movies and it's not in focus. This screenplay is difficult to read. You need to pay attention to details: you have a long scene of Nathan and John jogging inside Nathan's room. You never change locations. All this gets in the way...
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    misc I thought DVDs were dead

    And in 2005 vinyl records were dead...
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    misc Can a filmmaker with the right passion make films with virtually no budget?

    It isn't always about the cost of a location. The advice is often based on time. As you point out not all productions are the same, but often when shooting a low/no budget film equipment is being rented. If you have the budget for, say, five days of rental and you have several locations...
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    misc Can a filmmaker with the right passion make films with virtually no budget?

    I'm not understanding why you think a very low budget or no budget can't have at least one scene location away from the one, primary location. You have pointed why it's very possible. Low/no budget films do not need to stuck in one location. There are no rules to break. You make great points...
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    misc I thought DVDs were dead

    This one line made me laugh out loud.
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    Hello everyone, it's great to be here

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    film-school Can going to film school make a aspiring filmmaker successful?

    I'm glad to hear things have changed in film school. I never when, however I worked on several student productions during my first few years breaking in. The reason was if there were 12 students in a class 2 of them wanted to be producers and 10 wanted to direct. And none of the directors...
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    screenplay Screenplay format

    You will write: EXT. ARTS AND SCIENCE BUILDING - DAY Then you will write what is happening in front of the building. Even: EXT. BUILDING - DAY Is an accepted way to format the scene in your screenplay. Then describe the building; made of brick - elaborate Rococo style - simple high rise...
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    indie Flashes of Flesh Trailer, info please

    Sure looks interesting. How are you connected with the movie?
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    screenplay Is this something decent?

    As an exercise in writing two people talking with some interesting stakes it's something decent. This will be easy to shoot if that's your plan. Some of the lines are too obvious - too “on-the-nose” is the term. But it's compelling. I always assume a writer is very purposeful with their...