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  1. Tinalera

    Disney Buys Lucas Films? Including Star Wars?

    Don't know what to make of this really-sounds like Lucas is content to dish it off to someone else. So I'm guessing Star Wars films will now be referred to as Pre-Disney/Post Disney?
  2. Tinalera

    watch Dolls for Strangers - just in time for Halloween!

    Its a really good film, definitely something different :D
  3. Tinalera

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    "Serenity"-as advised by someone getting me into Firefly ( I watched the series first) Joss had somet interesting ideas here with the show, I enjoyed the film, and a few points of it made me wonder what could have been-8/10. And a quick hi to everyone-appeared from my groundhog hole again :)
  4. Tinalera

    Rewrite rewrite and rewrite some more

    I'm writing...well it was SUPPOSED to be a research book, and I guess it still is, but since I've been punting around ideas of maybe one day turning it into a script for a research documentary, well-I've sometimes been caught between the two. Have to remember that a book and a screenplay are...
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    I will say I've experienced it, and my last serious bout with it ended up......well, it ended leading to an entire change of my life, which I can say is for the much better. They were dark times though, went through a depth I was honestly scared I wasn't going to get out of. My thoughts and...
  6. Tinalera

    Who Doesn't Love Kittens?

    Kittens are cute, they enwrap you in their cuteness. Then they become CATS, by that time it's too late, you're already used to serving them their every whim. I have a cat, I know this all too well ;)
  7. Tinalera

    Impromptu horror film competition...

    I wish I could participate, but I cannot do horror :lol:(you'd think someone with a mask obsession it would be right up my alley). I don't know why-it's a pity because it sounds like some interesting times could be had.
  8. Tinalera

    A glimmer of good news for DVD

    Speaking as an "older" person, I can't even do that with kids that I know anymore. Everytime I ask them about a movie they want, they say "Oh, we watched it over at so and so's on their computer 2 months ago) Kids now are seeing these films at times even before they arrive in theatre!
  9. Tinalera

    A glimmer of good news for DVD

    Thanks for heads up :) As far "harkening back" as you mentioned, I don't know how well that strategy worked then, but in this current climate of "instant uploads", I suspect that it's not going to do as well as they hope in this day and age.
  10. Tinalera

    A glimmer of good news for DVD

    I worry that's just going to have more people go to bit torrent/streaming. I personally liked the idea of renting a movie and if I like it, I buy it. I will STILL do that-waiting a extra month is no big deal for me or people I know. I guess I don't have that crowd that HAS to watch a movie when...
  11. Tinalera

    Who do you think has "style"?

    I've always liked David Fincher and his rather unique style. He has a way of creating mood and atmosphere that really stands out for me.
  12. Tinalera

    A glimmer of good news for DVD

    Blockbuster can't be too happy about losing that exclusive, though from the sounds of the article, it seems like a "needs of many outweigh needs of a few" type of discussion. It will be interesting to see how the waves work outward from this decision, but yes for DVD format it is a glimmer of hope.
  13. Tinalera

    Filmmaking is hell; the story of an indie-nightmare

    hehehe Welcome to the painful joy that is film making ;)
  14. Tinalera

    Secret Santa

    Yes I'm in for 2011, it was fun last year, have a few ideas I want to play with (and of course masks are involved) :)
  15. Tinalera

    Obscure underrated Horror movies for Halloween!

    Apologies if this one has been mentioned (and I missed it) "Mill Of The Stone Women" is a 60's italian horror film that is quite psychological and a good (if little known) film.
  16. Tinalera

    Closer to Creating Life in the Laboratory

    Saw something like that recently, where within the past few years they captured dust from a comet and it had organic compounds and amino acids. I think we are getting very close for scientists to soon definitively say there IS life out there- even if it's at the microscopic level for the time...
  17. Tinalera

    Super nOOB here. Question about makeup

    Look for any community theatres in town, a lot will have their designated makeup people and makeup and I've found are willing to help out for something as simple as credit in the final credits. They would also be able to assist as far as finding right makeup for your lighting set up
  18. Tinalera

    tips for phsycological horror

    I think part of the trick too is walking that thin line for the audience that gets the audience thinking "okay, that COULD happen in his real life" I think Ray had some excellent suggestions in his post. My personal (albiet very limited) take on it is that audiences will generally take things...
  19. Tinalera

    Coming to Terms (or scaling down film making expectations)

    And that balance is so important, I agree. You've got to be sure you've got that roof over your head and food on your plate-it makes things so much easier. I think it's great that you were able to see and make the appropriate switch, it makes the whole process that much more enjoyable :)
  20. Tinalera

    Coming to Terms (or scaling down film making expectations)

    Ambition is a wonderful thing! ;) I agree with everything you said. And having a 10 year plan is very realistic, and gives you lots of time to set things up. A good plan of action is key :)