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    hollywood That'll get you fired!!

    An interesting example of that is Jay Leno who, after the recent tragedy in Atlanta, put on his big boy pants, made a public apology for all of the Anti-Asian jokes that he made over the course of his career, and reached out to the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) which had...
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    action Best Intimate Sex Scene

    Study American films made during the Hays Code period (1934 to 1968). The code prohibited nudity and explicit sex scene, so directors would find creative ways to express or imply sexual behavior. The results might be romantic, alluring, teasing or sultry, and the best of them were ever so subtle...
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    cast Casting

    You metro area almost certainly has one or more independent film associations. Start hanging out and you won't be able to help bumping against actor and people who know actors.
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    licensing Question about licensing for non-monetary project

    Here's the hard truth. With few exceptions, you must get a license or otherwise obtain legal permission to use another party's content. Period. It doesn't matter whether or not you make money from it. It matters only that by using it you may be "causing harm" in an economic, or in some...
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    Four completed scripts. Is it time to look for representation?

    I read your release form and it sounds quote sensible. So I'm curious, would it then make more practical sense — instead of submitting finished screenplays to whomever — to develop general creative and business relationships with independent producers so that both parties can feel comforatable...
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    action Filming a hanging scene

    If it's produced, I want "Bungee Concept Consultant" in the credits. ;)
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    action Filming a hanging scene

    If the character is ditsy enough, maybe you could have her try to hang herself with a bungee cord.
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    Action / Drama Director here

    Adam, great to meet you! I am a professional creative dilettante who writes and has dabbled in digital art, music videos and animation. What have you released and where can we watch it?
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    streaming What are you watching rn?

    Really bad horror flicks on Tubi, or at least parts of them. We're talking the director had to change his name and the actors had to undergo plastic surgery after it was released kind of bad. There's something compelling about bottom-feeder films, everything I know about art and aesthetics...
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    Four completed scripts. Is it time to look for representation?

    Somehow, sending one's intellectual property to someone you don't know or trust who doesn't know or trust you doesn 't sound like a win-win situation. Wouldn't it make more sense to make reliable friends in the industry — at any level — helping them out and showing yourself to be a trusted...
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    format Submitting to Screenplay Contests

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one with high concept potential, And that has made all the difference. ☺
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    format Submitting to Screenplay Contests

    A fascinating read! It got me to thinking, the criteria that you lay out — universal appeal, a unique twist, story-driven, conflict and emotion — basically describes the classic folk tale. Myths, legends, fairy tales, tall tales, they survive through the generations because they discuss...
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    One location short-film: SUPERMARKET! Looking for recommendations

    I've shopped at 24 hour supermarkets and the customers and staff tend to be of the more - unique variety - at one o'clock in the morning. Maybe a comedy about the crazy world of midnight grocery shopping.
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    format Submitting to Screenplay Contests

    How do you define "high concept?" Based on the thread, it sounds more like you mean "big budget" but I'm certain that you mean more than that. Thoughts?
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    format Submitting to Screenplay Contests

    Now that's an interesting point, one I've run into in other creative fields. If you have a work that attract attention, you really should have at least a few additional projects either finished or in development to demonstrate that you're a good long-term investment as a creative.
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    Virulent: A Coronavirus inspired Scene - What If Covid turned 100% Fatal 😳

    Nice camera work! That shaky camera look gives it some urgency. One scientific issue that critics will inevitably bring up (if you haven't already dealt with it in the script☺) is a virus' inverse relationship between transimissibility and severity. Generally speaking, the more deadly it is, the...
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    format Submitting to Screenplay Contests

    Thanks! I'm used to producing my own short videos, so I can get kind of sloppy when it comes to actually writing a script down. I'll keep in mind that clarity is all-important for someone who has no prior knowledge of the story.
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    format Submitting to Screenplay Contests

    Thanks! I can see that, even CONTINUOUS helps the reader to understand the flow of time and events.
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    format Submitting to Screenplay Contests

    When submitting an original screenplay to a contest, exhibition, screenply festival etc. what kind of format are they looking for, a shooting script with detailed setups, a spec script with minimal camera direction, or something in between?
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    ad Free and Open Source Software for Screenwriters

    Does this software have a script breakdown function, listing props and set dressing etc?