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    Arteros Movie

    Arteros Movie. The Clown and the Painter. “THE CLOWN AND THE PAINTER"- SYNOPSIS “The clown and the painter" tells the story of four unknown artists who dream with finding their place in the procelous world of the art and the price will be required them to pay to achieve it. The story begins...
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    There's no need for a fith movie of Indiana Jones. They should finish the sagas with dignity. For me, "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" are trilogies. I forgot the rest of the saga. I didn't buy those DVDs. The same for "Rocky". The first three. Enough.
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    Imanol Otero

    Yes. Thank you. I'm interested in promote my movie but now I´m unemployed and I don´t have money for spend in this purpose. The movie is on YouTube with english subtitles. And I have too the screenplay translated into english. Dreaming with find a producer for a USA remake. I think in english...
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    Imanol Otero

    Hello. My name is Imanol Otero. In 2012 I produced an original and independent movie about artists starring international spanish actor Óscar Jaenada. If you want you can watch it writing "Arteros Movie" on YouTube. It's interesting for a remake. I have more ideas for the characters that I...