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  1. Nate North

    directing The Nuts and Bolts of Filmmaking

    Animation is getting a lot easier to work with these days. Don't get me wrong, it's still a ton of work, but if one were really dedicated, one could produce an animated film solo this year. It might take you 2-3 years to complete a feature at reasonable quality, but that's a big step up from...
  2. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

    Getting back to the art gallery.
  3. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

    well, yeah, there are various methods. With generative graphics, you could likely just spell out the right color temperature of lighting to the AI. Haven't tested this, but I understand the core tech and it's conceivable that it might work if implemented correctly. In a more practical and...
  4. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

    This topic goes shockingly deep, like 3d animation itself, so it's hard to recommend a particular forum. Plus I'm on pc rather than mac, so my knowledge is limited. (I do have an Ipad pro with I think an M1, but I use it for source drawings with the pen, rather than render tasks) If you...
  5. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

    2 I9s with 64 gb ram each, 40 tb hdd space, 1 3090 and 1 2080ti. Yes, video is the whole thing, it's an interactive fiction film, which requires so many scenes filmed that it can only be done with heavy next gen automation, in addition to normal writing, directing, sound, and art direction...
  6. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

    Yeah, you're right. These are "uncurated frames" and none of them would be likely to appear in a finished product. This was just a quick demo of how part of the tech works. Basically in any given situation I have to solve for frame X, and then give that as a reference, so what I do for a...
  7. Nate North

    Madcap Catnap

    Lol. I think you totally nailed it on the music selection! And of course I like animations about cats.
  8. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery Made this short art piece to commemorate my 400 subscriber milestone on Instagram. week 1 - 50 subscribers week 2 - 300 subscribers 2 weeks and one day - 400 subscribers on track for first target in 90 days
  9. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

    Thanks! That's very kind of you. As far as the work..... it's astronomical, but then I'm not planning to do it all myself, lol, just building the tech, story, and, org foundations to enable a lot of creatives to make something bigger than any one of us could possibly achieve. Right now I've...
  10. Nate North

    software-related Something I notice about frame rate conversion

    I don't know what drone you have exactly, but I encountered the same problem. There are various ways to fix it, but the best and most effective way is to simply normalize your framerate from base if possible. So I was shooting on a red and a drone, and they were at 23.96 and 24 fps...
  11. Nate North

    Nightmares - a micro-short animation

    To me the worst of the worst are the rare occasions where I'll wake up from a long nightmare, get out of bed, walk out into the hall, and realize I'm still asleep and it's still the nightmare.
  12. Nate North

    Nightmares - a micro-short animation

    Great work! I've often thought about transferring some of my nightmares to film.
  13. Nate North

    cgi How does this editing technique work? Ripped paper transition

    Ok, so this is just a bit of work and money. Not a ton, but obviously whoever made this had a budget and didn't have to pay it back. First, note the fidelity of the image and light reflections on each crumpled piece of paper. This can be done with CGI, but it wasn't in this case, this is a...
  14. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

    Many models are free. I'm using UE5 for the baseplate, and with the new pipeline, there is little need for much real quality in terms of models. I use them to express what items go where, camera angles, facial expressions, but all the pixels get overwritten by the AI layers. There are a lot...
  15. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

  16. Nate North

    cgi Save Point Art Gallery

    Added a whole new art gallery over at Instagram, with, again, almost entirely new content. Because instagram penalizes you for landscape format, I had to just create an entirely new library of Save Point art that fit the vertical or square framing they like...
  17. Nate North

    cgi Fall

    Thanks, I did see, "fall", and it wasn't bad. The writers had a good understanding of tension lines and how to do a lot with a little.
  18. Nate North

    call-for-entries "15 Minutes of Fame" Entry fee only $5

    I feel like there's a lost opportunity here to call it "15 minutes of Frame" I might send something over, time permitting.
  19. Nate North

    A concept trailer to share

    Nice work! I'd try more light on set next time, and a thinner contrast and saturation band. Basically shoot with more light than you want for the final product and then dial it down in post with levels rather than using contrast to kill off noise in the dark areas. A decent gauge of how well...