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  1. Jack Lynt

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    I rather liked The Pope's Exorcist. Dudes, people get old. People tend to get heavier as they get older. It's the nature of things. Crowe was always on the pudgy side. Not so long ago I saw an indie or a foreign film with a very similar premise. Not able to recall its name. I couldn't help but...
  2. Jack Lynt

    Shia LeBeouf the Story Thief

    Alleged is important here, if "innocent until proven guilty" is still of any importance to us, to any of us. What's his side of the story? It does sound like she has physical evidence her herpes is his herpes. Even so, is that the whole story? "…reckless disregard for the health and safety of...
  3. Jack Lynt

    What are you drinking right NOW!

    Finally had myself some White Russian. The Dude's looked so delicious. I had to monkey around with the recipe, though; the standard recipes are way to alcoholy for me. And, I haven't a taste for coffee. Here's one spin on the White Russian I've found to be quite palatable, lovely even: Plenty...
  4. Jack Lynt

    news Scarlett Johansson Almost Cried After ‘Worst’ ‘Under the Skin’ Venice Premiere, Says Festival Director

    Aww. Like she mentioned herself, but in my words, it was better than indifference. It's a good, provocative, challenging film, worth cult film status. It's one of the most interesting films on her resume, maybe the most interesting and worthy. Did she expect an End Game type response? Infinity...
  5. Jack Lynt

    UFO and Aliens

    Sounds like we just need to hold on until 2027 when, as it's been reported, the aliens will finally announce themselves to the world.
  6. Jack Lynt

    Ben Affleck news

    I still want Michael Fassbender to star in my Batman movie. Call me, Michael. ;)
  7. Jack Lynt

    actors Who is that one actor that never fails to amaze you ?

    I'll disregard the "one" and the "always" part. I'm not a fan of absolutes, anyway. Once upon a time I would have included Tom Hanks. But he's made my Wanker List. (That's a sneaky way of including him, while vaguely disapproving of him personally.) I think you gotta include Meryl Streep. Any...
  8. Jack Lynt

    What are you listening to right NOW!

    Currently in love with stoner rock.
  9. Jack Lynt

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Anonymous (2011) B. I'm a believer in the Edward de Vere-was-Shakespeare-theory—not because of this film, but because of the documentary, which is also worthy of an even more positive review. I don't doubt Anonymous has loads of ahistorical nonsense in it. I don't even. But, it's entertaining...
  10. Jack Lynt

    What are you drinking right NOW!

  11. Jack Lynt

    news ‘They/Them’ Review: Kevin Bacon Muscles Through Gay Conversion Slasher

    I wouldn't have thought it, but he was excellently cast in X-Men: First Class.
  12. Jack Lynt

    legal USA Drone Laws

    They'll get you comin' and goin'. Death and taxes. The Fun Police win again. Tyvm for letting us know about this. Not that I would know, but I've noticed an increasing number of what must be drone shots (I would guess) in films these days. So it's very relevant.
  13. Jack Lynt

    I don't get political, but curious as to why

    I don't want to put words into your mouth, but you simply must be talking about alienating the audience to the right of Bernie Sanders. As far as the couple or few actors (that I know of) who have run afoul of the left-hegemony? They seem to be outliers who sinned by simply being themselves...
  14. Jack Lynt

    What motivates you to keep going?

    Lovely thought. Reminds me of this beautiful piece of art—song and video.
  15. Jack Lynt

    Random Thread

    Wow. Love it. Must have been incredible in person.
  16. Jack Lynt

    What are you listening to right NOW!

    Not my usual thing. But damn, it funky. And Groovy. It has a pretty cool bassline. I recently got a bass guitar. Just a Squire. Don't hate. No really, it's a pretty sweet guitar, in the eyes of this dilettante, anyway. So who knows, maybe someday I'll learn this bassline. Yeah. Could happen. I...
  17. Jack Lynt

    Random Thread

  18. Jack Lynt

    streaming A Fascinating Take on YouTube Productions and Prospects…

    …from a former network executive.
  19. Jack Lynt

    music The Scoring Apocalypse

    This is not the same topic, but close enough to be reminded of it and to take the opportunity to recommend it to you. Recording studios are in similar straits. I'm a sucker for entertainment documentaries.