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    screenplay Screenplay format

    In that case, you would list the specific building. for example EXT. WHITE HOUSE - DAY or EXT. NATIONAL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM - DAY And now the audience would know they are in front of a historical building with significance.
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    UFO and Aliens

    We spend nearly almost a trillion dollars on defense and half of it is unaccounted for? Where is the money going? I don't usually watch tucker but this issue needs all the attention it can get
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    Daily Vlog as I create my first feature film.

    Good luck! a feature is an enormous accomplishment, something I've yet to attempt. Your logline reminds of of Mara's (another members) film Detours about a father and daughter that go on a road trip with the mothers ashes. I watched it last thursday on apple TV
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Finally saw @mlesemann 's film Detours Took me so long because it felt insufficient to watch it alone! Especially after Mara helped me out with some writing structure problems this year, I've been trying to get my family to watch it with me. My attempt at a thanks by bringing some extra...
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    Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    I've Independently produced two 10 minute shorts, but IDK I can say anything specifically as it regards to screenwriting that isn't already obvious. It helps a lot if you use locations that you have unlimited access to, you can go there days in advance and figure out the lighting, or return and...
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    My welcome thread

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    Anatomy of a Troll

    Yeah sure is a sticky situation (Cause he wrote viscous instead of vicious)
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Blue Beetle Available on MAX so i checked it out... really, surprisingly bad. The LEAST FUN superhero movie ever made. There's not a single scene in the entire movie where the kid has fun or enjoys being the blue beetle. WTF DC? How can you be this far off the mark
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    film-school Can going to film school make a aspiring filmmaker successful?

    Lots of people graduate from film school Only a lucky few are succesful. do the math
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    misc Can a filmmaker with the right passion make films with virtually no budget?

    If they have a smartphone, yeah. I doubt it will get much of an audience though. People are picky and they only want to watch $tuff w/ good light$
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    series What series are you watching?

    Loki was a good run but i didn't like how it ended. Also didn't seem like a very original ending. This new show The Curse is another hit for nathan fielder. lampooning those house flipping gentrification couples on hgtv Trailer sucks but the show is funny. The sex scene was one of the most...
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Equilizer 3 I'm convinced this movie was just an excuse for Antoine and Denzel to be in italy. 2/5
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    hollywood About the Will Smith incident.

    Podcast story - Adam Devine's wife, chloe, laughed so hard in her chair that she threw her head back and .... accidentally nailed chris rock right in the balls with her skull. Poor Chris Rock lol this dude taking some serious abuse 😄
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    Welcome post :3

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    pre-pro Trouble finding actors and locations.

    This is actually a ridiculous question. You can take 15 seconds to go to for yourself, type in exactly where and when, and see exactly what your cost ranges. Why would ask Mara instead 😵
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    screenplay how would i find a screenwriter for a New Indie Film

    Do you have millions of followers on instagram or something? Or maybe you have some marketing funds and a lot of past success using kickstarter? Can you point to some past successes that show you know how to organize a kickstarter marketing campaign? Without either of these things, I fear you...
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    campaign In the genre of the blockbuster film The Sound of Freedom...

    If someone rapes a pedophile I didn't see or hear anything. Don't ask me to testify. I'd say you need a less overtly manipulative marketing technique but least you got a reply out of me
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    Newbie on the line

    You heard about 8 minute abs? Well that's what gave me the idea... SEVEN minute abs Welcome to IT :)
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    I need help learning DaVinci Resolve to edit my latest short film

    Yeah that can work as long as the room tone you choose is consistent throughout the scene. Sometimes you also have to fade in/fade out the dialogue to help make it smoother. I personally have not had much success with voice isolator, but if it works for you then great
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    I need help learning DaVinci Resolve to edit my latest short film

    Hi and welcome to IT You dont want both playing at once if thats what youre saying. it'll make it weird. pick whatever sounds best, probably the boom, and then if theres a particular line or scene with audio issues look to the radio mic for a backup