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  1. Buddy Greenfield

    DIY LiteRing Chroma Key POC

    It's cool you got some more experimenting done. -Thanks-
  2. Buddy Greenfield

    Writing action

    I don’t know comics, so maybe I am totally misunderstanding, or it’s some matter of how things are adapted from the comic to screen, or it’s something completely far out (I don’t know), but the way you are describing the character as being defined through the combat, and a character that is the...
  3. Buddy Greenfield

    Jessica Alba: "Good actors never use the script"

    Thinking back it seems like just yesterday that no one cared what Jessica Alba had to say about anything. Oh wait, it was just yesterday. -Thanks-
  4. Buddy Greenfield

    watch Letter From Lorca - Some Stills

    Looks great. -Thanks-
  5. Buddy Greenfield

    watch Looking for feedback...merci

    I thought it was fun. It has its share of learning curve imperfections to be addressed and worked on of course, but ultimately I think what you seemed to be striving for shows some instinct and vision to create a world of story, and it’s what counts most to me here. I like the use to story of...
  6. Buddy Greenfield


    Depending when you come keep in mind the weather: coughs, stuffy nose, sore throat, forced air, clanky radiators, shovel scrapes, snow plows, people killing each other with plastic lawn furniture over parking spaces etc. -Thanks-
  7. Buddy Greenfield

    Roger Waters THE WALL

    I saw them on that Division Bell tour in 94. I have been to a ton of shows, but damn that show was something else. It was, and I have no doubt always will be the best sounding (sound system wise) concert I have ever experienced. It was like 3 times louder than any concert I have ever seen at...
  8. Buddy Greenfield

    Roger Waters THE WALL

    I’m waiting for someone to do a DSOTM concept film, in 3d. I wonder how many film makers (Younger generation) have never seen The Wall, and how it holds up as a film to those not into or with no real background of the music/band mythos behind it. -Thanks-
  9. Buddy Greenfield

    watch The Sonnyboo Intern

    Not bad, I like the comedy angle. Keep it going. -Thanks-
  10. Buddy Greenfield

    Roger Waters THE WALL

    So ya Thought ya Might like to go to the show. To feel the warm thrill of confusion That space cadet glow. -Thanks-
  11. Buddy Greenfield

    watch jus playin with 2d, green screen and 3d in AE

    Has a cool music video look. -Thanks-
  12. Buddy Greenfield

    watch Frontier - Prelude to Darkness *Sci-fi Webseries*

    Nice work visually orchestrating type of battle. I agree with Wheat, cool cam movements too. The cut when he says “Oh my god” towards the end is a bit weird, but no big deal. -Thanks-
  13. Buddy Greenfield

    watch Animation "set" for upcomming comercial

    It is cool. The art style reminds me vaguely of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Gonna add some wildlife? -Thanks-
  14. Buddy Greenfield

    watch Rabid - Short Film

    It has it’s moments. I like how you did the metamorphosis. And the chase POV. -Thanks-
  15. Buddy Greenfield

    Let's Talk About The Purpose Of Dialogue

    Dialogue to me is story via singular or combined instances of: Exposition/Back Story Subtext left in it’s wake or absence Emotional tone or reflection Creation and/or Counter Creation of conflict Character reveal When it fails to move things forward, bogs momentum down with idle chatter or...
  16. Buddy Greenfield

    More F-bombs than you can shake a stick at!

    Where do you suppose AntiHero ranks on this unconfirmed list? 1.Nil by Mouth 470 2.Casino 422 3.Another Day in Paradise 327 4.Summer of Sam 326 5.Twin Town 320 6.Sweet Sixteen 313 7.Narc 298 8.Born on the Fourth of July 289 9.Big Lebowski 281 10.Tigerland 276 11.Made 274 12.Fubar 274 13.Pulp...
  17. Buddy Greenfield

    watch "All The Jacks" My 48 Hour Film Project from a few months back

    I liked it, but it also felt more like it was the end of something larger rather than a stand alone short. (Which I also see as a good thing in a certain light.) What I think could have been better was the character to story use. It’s a Western/Card Game set-up, to me ideally the “Good guy”...
  18. Buddy Greenfield

    contemplating chapter-cards

    I like the Creepshow style comic/storyboard. I think with the right art made from actual stills you could comic out and comic back in, and even add storyline that the camera passes over panels of if needed. Would be an awesome art/AE project. -Thanks-
  19. Buddy Greenfield

    Who uses storyboard?

    I like the way storyboards look, so I think once a film is done it would be cool to have a scene from it storyboarded and presented with the title (in font and colors) and key credits listed as a framed conversation type art object keep sake piece, or even have several of printed and framed to...
  20. Buddy Greenfield

    Not scary Halloween movies

    I imagine it something like this: -Thanks-