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  1. hunteq

    Which HD camera to get?

    AG-HMC-150 is a wonderful camera! I went to school on one of those when I left I bought an 80 which is a step down. The 150 handles motion amazingly and is compact and fairly light!
  2. hunteq

    Director seeking work with a screenwriter

    Better learn to be a writer fast. I don't work with anyone if they can't write. I used to not write and went into school for creative film and now I'm a Journalism Major specializing in Advertising. I learned to write, and learned to write fast. I suggest you do too.
  3. hunteq

    Kickstarter campaign for my second DIY feature, please take a look and help us!

    Really like it. If I weren't broke as well I would totally contribute.
  4. hunteq

    Filming Commencing...

    I would make Christian oriented films being of the faith myself, but I have to make a living off of material which regretfully pollutes the children of America.
  5. hunteq

    Do you work outside of Filmmaking?

    Do what I do! Hold more than one industry job! It works in Reno because nothing is union. I'm studying at J-school every day, then on some days I go into studio and run a camera, other days I make commercials, then I use my vacation time and lent equipment to produce my media.
  6. hunteq

    Using a pseudonym

    I'm the same way I guess. I Use my Middle name as my first, and my mom's maiden name as my last. If my parents knew what kind of shows I worked on, they would go Ape Shit crazy.
  7. hunteq

    watch Life Over Text: A nation...

    Well that was why we had Coleen, the female driver do it. She's 20 attending UNR and she's hot. We might elaborate on that later, but we did this video in under 2-weeks because I worked with the engineering department which means beer, and MW3, then last minute everything. Also I didn't mean to...
  8. hunteq

    watch Life Over Text: A nation...

    It's better than a State Trooper talking to you about, "It's the law!" We made a Communications student, an English Teacher and Counselor all cry and that's what we want. We want to associate emotional pain with texting and driving. We are also creating a few 30 second versions but it's still...
  9. hunteq

    watch Life Over Text: A nation...

    Life Over Text is a national initiative against texting and driving. Me and a crew with minimal planning staged and accident, with four cameras filmed said accident in one take. Considering the fact that I had to go to the Hospital afterwards for a throat infection, and three of the camera...
  10. hunteq

    Are PCs really that bad for movie making?

    I currently am running a Mac, and my final system that I'm working for will be a Mac, but my next system will be a custom built PC to work with my current Mac.
  11. hunteq

    SDXC help please...

    I formatted it. I called my tech support and he said to call Panasonic. Panasonic said they'd call me back tomorrow when they got the answer. I can't find anything online about SDXC compatibility with the HMC line and no one else seems to know. Right now it's a plastic piece of junk sitting on...
  12. hunteq

    SDXC help please...

    So I just bought a brand spanking new, $100, 64GB SDXC Class 10 card to replace my 32GB SDHC Class 10 after a tragic accident on Splash Mountain... This card is for my personal Panasonic AG-HMC-80. I pop in this new card thinking it's going to work right off the bat. I warm-up the black beast...
  13. hunteq

    Cinema 4D Help

    Thanks for the help. We were able to install a Spanish Language pack, then I walked over to the Foreign Affairs Division and got a Spanish Translator to find the general preferences and language. Then we set a password lock on the setting menu so that it won't happen again... But we had it...
  14. hunteq

    Cinema 4D Help

    So I Google'd it and can't find it, I hate calling because I have to get my tech super to get the registration information but I need help on Cinema 4D R12. I downloaded the Korean language pack, thinking it would give me the ability to copy and paste Korean text directly into 3D, but I was...
  15. hunteq

    Big Announcement about my MOVIE

    I'm sorry but I have to ask. In the trailer you use the word, "EPIC." So are you saying that this film is a long narrative?
  16. hunteq

    VFx Artists and 3D Animators Needed

    Honestly it depends on your caliber, ethics, industry, and whether or not you're union. I say if you're actually good, I'd be willing to pay a lot of money, but if your, forgive me for my language, good work looks like my sh*t work, then I might as well go and do it myself and save a buck. So...
  17. hunteq

    New Ideas (All Are Welcome!)

    For environmental issues: *Advantages to carpooling *Don't waste gas: Plan an efficient route *Encourage the use of public transportation services, (busses, trains, not planes)
  18. hunteq

    New Ideas (All Are Welcome!)

    I'm currently working on the Nevada Department of Public Safety "Txt L8r" campaign. The campaign is a constant campaign directed towards texting and driving, my job is to bring it into schools. From my experience with this project, don't sugar coat it. If you say it how it is, you have twice the...
  19. hunteq

    A Waste Of The Budget

    Buying a $150 for photography because it looked nice, when I had a $30 one that was just as good. Also I still have the $30 one while the $150 is in the trash. Poor photo tripod... But surprisingly, I don't feel bad about buying my smith and wesson baton considering I've had to use it. Once when...
  20. hunteq

    is it legal to film in public places in Ohio?

    In the State of Nevada, technically by law you need to register. In certain areas thought you do not need to register. If you're working for the government you don't need to register, like me. Also, once registered, when in public, if you can see it, you can shoot it. One of my buddies is on...