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  1. Thom 98

    watch Teaser for german short film "Traumhaft"

    Over the holiday we shot this 30-minute short film called "Traumhaft" (engl. "a perfect dream") in 6 days with a crew of 16 young filmmakers and actors. We had a blast shooting it and already have some Teaserfootage up on vimeo: (click on the image to watch) This was shot on the Canon 550D...
  2. Thom 98

    No render, Premiere

    With Premiere you don't need to transcode your footage before editing. Just drop the .mov files of your camera directly onto to timeline and start editing. When finished, render the Video out as h.264 or AVI-Lagarith or whatever your delivery format is. No need to render before that at all!
  3. Thom 98

    Canon 600D: Rolling Shutter reduced wih 3x Zoom?

    No, it wouldn't because it's not really a 3x zoom but rather a 3x crop. The Camera has a 12MP Sensor, but for video you only need 2MP, so this 3x-Crop only reads out the middle portion of the chip 1:1 with 1920x1080. The Quality would actualy improve, because you get rid of Moiré and Antaliasing.
  4. Thom 98

    Canon 600D: Rolling Shutter reduced wih 3x Zoom?

    Hi Guys, I'm interested in the new Canon 600D/T3i Camera. It offers a new 3x Zoom feature which supposedly fixes some of the Moiré and Antialiasing issues the DLSRs suffor from because of the line skipping that's happening when the Frame is downresed from the 21MP to 1920x1080. The 3x Zoom only...
  5. Thom 98

    watch Dämonie (CE Pictures & Wave Pictures)

    Huge "Thank you" for you comment. The subs for the books are in fact missing. Sry for that. The title reads: chronicles of life You have some good points on storytelling. I'm sure we'll take them into concideration for the next project. Thanks again for the comment. I really enjoy reading...
  6. Thom 98

    watch Shuffle Pracday - Fable@Bruchsal [18. Sep 2010]

    Hi guys, I shot a new music video with the shuffle dance crew Fable over the weekend and wanted to get some opinions about it. HD Stream SD Stream (HQ) SD Stream (LQ) Direct Download FullHD (303MB)[h.264-mp4, 1920x1080p@7000kbps, VBR-2-Pass] Direct Download 720p (98MB)[h.264-mp4...
  7. Thom 98

    Hey Murdock, You promised you'd watch my film. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, so...

    Hey Murdock, You promised you'd watch my film. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, so please take some time and watch the film. Thx, Thomas Link:
  8. Thom 98

    watch Dämonie (CE Pictures & Wave Pictures)

    Hi guys, I would like to present our latest no-budget short film "Dämonie" (engl. "demonic nature) . It's a german thriller that was shot in december 2008 and is now finally up online. Trailer and Teaser on Youtube. Cast Thomas Koch Nadine Petry Marius Schneider Robert Ludewig Crew...
  9. Thom 98

    Versions of After Effects

    If you only want to do Color Correction, get Colorista II: It's one of the best Color Correction Tools out there, it's pretty cheap and even works with FCP, so you won't even have to buy After Effects to do some kickass CCs.
  10. Thom 98

    Which Camera Is Better? Help Me Please

    Both are great cameras. It really comes down to the details. The V1 seems to be a little bit cheaper, at least here in Germany. Also, it can shoot 24p and 25p. The Z1 seems to only do 50i/60i. At least according to Some other differences: The V1 has...
  11. Thom 98

    best camera for web video?

    What's your budget? What kind of stuff will you be shooting? More inside/low light? Lot's of movement or slow dolly shots?
  12. Thom 98

    Filming Candle-Light

    Well, or you could get one of these great new DSLR cameras that can shoot in very low light. Check out the second episode of the zacuto shootout, they talk a lot about low light with DSLRs: You might not want to use the DSLR for the whole film, but renting it for...
  13. Thom 98

    Mac or PC

    sonnyboo is right: it all comes down to what you feel comfortable with. On Windows you have Premiere Pro CS5 and Avid, on the Mac you have Final Cut. All three are great programs and in the right hands, one can make great films using them. I for one always went with a PC because you get a bit...
  14. Thom 98

    What's the best AVI to flash converter out there?

    I always use the preset Setting for HD-720p export:
  15. Thom 98

    What's the best AVI to flash converter out there?

    Can you export in h.264 mp4 format out of your editing software? Adobe Premiere can do that and you can then embed a h.264 file in a flash player.
  16. Thom 98

    What would you recommend - budget around 6500$?

    Well, sry. "summer-time" is all we know right now. NAB is next week, I'm sure RED will be releasing some new info then. Stay tuned for that.
  17. Thom 98

    What Would be the best camera to use for a music video?

    Most important question: What's your budget? You won't be getting a RED for rent at less than 400$ a day. If you're on a small budget, you might want to look at the HDV camcorders from Sony or Canon.
  18. Thom 98

    Recording dialogue

    Normally it's ok to just plug the mic into the camera via a 35mm jack. That's for sure going to sound a lot better than the internal mic. If you want more control over levels ect., you might want to look at something like the Zoom H4 (not cheap!) or even use a laptop on set to record the audio...
  19. Thom 98

    What would you recommend - budget around 6500$?

    Wait for the RED Scarlet if you can. It's coming some time this summer. About 4000 bucks for the full kit with a fixed lens! About 2000 for the Body only, so if you want, you can go that route and buy extra leneses + accessories as needed. Have a look here:
  20. Thom 98

    Questions regarding post

    Well, as far as I know there really is no other way to get footage from Vegas to AE and back. You have to rerender every time. That's why the Adobe Production Bundle is so great - you can just drag and drop project files from Premiere right into AE without rendering. You might want to look into...