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  1. Harleyquin

    Short Film _ Broll Footage_ Where I Live

    One of the ideas for my short films. It took me a long time. There is a small paragraph in this short movie that I hope will surprise you, kakakaka! See and give me a comment. Let me comment! And if possible, please give me an idea of ​​short films...
  2. Harleyquin

    My first week with filmmaking

    I woke up and realized that a week had passed since I started making amateur films. I'm quite excited and want something to celebrate. And That is ... :P Do you think about it? Give me some opinions for my video!
  3. Harleyquin

    New Video _ Lost in the Garden

    My external video. a pretty nice garden. I made a lot of videos for it and this is one of them! Please take some time for it and let me comment. I am very excited with your suggestions, it will help me improve. Thanks for watching!
  4. Harleyquin

    Suggestions for my video

    This's My first video: I shoot it by my phone! I just started... So, Please comment and give me some advice... :blush: Thanks you very much for your opinion <3
  5. Harleyquin

    Amateur Movie Producer

    Amateur Movie Producer _ I from VietNam Hello everyone! I'm starting to make movies. I am very excited and enthusiastic about it and look forward to receiving everyone's attention. :P That's my channel: If you are...