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    Hello folks!

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    Hi! I'm Japanese filmmaker.

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    off-topic These short films - Where can I watch?

    Do you have any amazon digital credits? They give them free to you when you pick slower shipping options. I looked and for me that video is HD $0.
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    Greetings from Turkey

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    New member

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    misc Online Resource
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    misc Online Resource

    I'm not sure if this works, it touches on a few of those and is also an interesting subject: Gigantism (like Andre the Giant)... and it can be genetic, often not but can be and you are the writer. :)
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    Hi. I'm new!

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    PhD student in Sydney

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    Hey @Filip we see you online! So you didn't ghost us after all? :D
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    fixed Oops! We ran into some problems. Please enter a valid location.

    Try now please! Thank you for reporting this.
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    distro Completed 15 min short film... now what?

    If you are going for it with a serious film you can consider: Festival submission in your area/genre Select international festivals Slick poster Teaser video (Why for a short? Because it is not online and you need to blast social media with actual content not just words.) Behind-the-scenes...
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    hello !! NEW MEMBER :) ♥

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    misc Semi Final

    Well who knows? Did you win the lottery? It depends. Did you buy a ticket, or did you get an email from Nigeria? Always legit ones, always scams.
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    pre-pro Documentary/short film topic suggestions

    What is your current channel?
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    computers AVCHD problems

    Oops! That's what sucks about google searches, and me not reading too far...
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    Hello everyone!

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    news iPhone 11 Pro - John Wick Style

    It's a professional video made to promote the phone. Yes. The point is it compares to cinematic films not made on a phone. I'm not saying you can pull it out of your pocket and get this. What I like is, this puts it into consideration when you are making a film with a budget, more than other...
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    computers AVCHD problems

    Found one more thing:
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    computers AVCHD problems

    Does this help?