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    Small Film Schools?

    Its my senior year of highschool and ive decided that film schools the route to go for me ( i think my parents would disown me if i didn't get some sort of higher education too.) . However, i still have no idea what schools i want to apply to. My grades are pretty decent ( 90 average, 2010 sat...
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    Filming at Bank?

    Now i dont plan on doing this any time soon ( just got my cam an all) but how exactly would one arrange to film at a bank? calling this ambitious is probably an understatement but i was just wondering how possible is it. ( Has anybody here done this?) I mean you'd call the bank or whatever...
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    Documentary Shot and/or advice

    Im directing a "documentary" for my school and msg varsity ( its just a little piece on the school play and auditions are already over so its not gunna be how i would ideally do it ) and im just doing it for practice and dont want/expect it to be shown any where ... so ive been wondering how...
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    Help me obi wan your my only hope

    Im Planning on getting my first camera soon and after much research im so hopelessly lost its almost laughable. I need one for under 1000 and before you scream T2i at me i was concerned about the jello effect or whatever and the 12 minute shooting window. Other than some short films im...
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    Hey, just thought id start the ball rolling for me by posting here, its my second forum but i wasnt activly engaged in my first and i hope to be more so here it seems like a really positive eniorment ... and sorry in advance but i will probally be asking ALOT of noobish questions in the months...