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    Small Film Schools?

    Its my senior year of highschool and ive decided that film schools the route to go for me ( i think my parents would disown me if i didn't get some sort of higher education too.) . However, i still have no idea what schools i want to apply to. My grades are pretty decent ( 90 average, 2010 sat...
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    Hospital Scene

    the only thing i can think of is getting something that looks close enough to a stretcher and push it along a floor that looks like it could be in a hospital. Film it as if we were looking done on him being pushed to the er and frame it so that you don't see the walls, just the subjects head on...
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    'Blade Runner' prequels, sequels in the works

    Im not feeling this, i dont really see how they could add a movie without hurting the original
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    How do you know, if you want to be a film maker?

    look homie nobody can answer that question for you but yourself ( clich├ęd i know ) write some scripts, shoot some stuff, if you enjoy it go for it. and even if grades dont really matter in the actual process there still useful, i agree its bs but what if you want to get into college for film...
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    My New Script Sold A Skeptic Actor

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    movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    The Parking lot Movie! 9/10 Im actually suprised i havent seen it anywhere on here, its like the perfect indie film ( meaning really anyone here could have made it). Its like a clerks in documentary form ( philosophy like ) . I think the peeps on this forum would really digg it so check it out...
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    General Questions, Probably Super Common

    I can relate lol, id get try to get them really into it and IF they get into it theyll give it their best go
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    Smashing Pumpkins are looking for a Video Artist

    Fav band right there
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    1st public screening of "Antihero"

    Kudos man sounds awesome, i hope id get half that turn out if i try a public screening
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    BOBA FETT Design

    cant argue with anything with the fett in it lol
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    Colour with Stu Maschwitz

    i havent even begun to get into post stuff but thats gunnan stick with me when i make my first attempts, really helpful
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    Do you like your work?

    I take photography and alot of times i find my opinion of my work much lower than my peers, i think you have to realize that when people see something that there 100 percent conscious to fact that someone MADE this rather than catching it on tv or something they respond much more positively and...
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    RIP Pete Postelthwaite

    RIP, he was a great, unique actor
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    watch When the Dead Walk - prosthetics and chainsaws!

    Thats great man, both the vid and the song. Came out real professional like. Think ill check out some more of your bands stuff when im not so busy lol
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    New Year's Resolutions

    learn to cook, get some shorts made, write some stuff, longboard
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    Idea for a script.

    diggin NickClappers idea must say
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    Filming at Bank?

    @ directorik thats awesome, what exactly did you shoot, if its up here id love to see it but assuming i didnt get it would it really be that affordable to fake it ?
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    Filming at Bank?

    Now i dont plan on doing this any time soon ( just got my cam an all) but how exactly would one arrange to film at a bank? calling this ambitious is probably an understatement but i was just wondering how possible is it. ( Has anybody here done this?) I mean you'd call the bank or whatever...
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    Videos For Newbs to Film

    stuff like this really helps, thanks for putting it up
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    Name That Quote

    Is 2 Indiana Jones: the last crusade? EDIT: nvm someone answered lol