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    marketing Printing Theatrical Film Posters

    Great, thanks. I'm guessing that satin should be the right choice then? One of the companies said that the difference between satin and silk is the amount of "sheen" -- silk has more sheen and is more expensive.
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    marketing Printing Theatrical Film Posters

    Thanks. The paper type quoted was "White Silk"
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    marketing Printing Theatrical Film Posters

    Thanks. They're for crowdfunded backers and I also want to sell them through the film's shop (I have a distributor for the film but retained the right to sell directly to customers). Just want to ensure they look like pro film posters (the other products, like DVDs and BDs were made to typical...
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    marketing Printing Theatrical Film Posters

    Thanks. The designs have already been done at standard One Sheet and Quad sizes. I'm just getting quotes at the moment... One company (who I had recommended, but I don't think they generally do film posters) prints on silk, but can't do the exact size, quoted around $750 for two posters...
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    marketing Printing Theatrical Film Posters

    Hi there, I need to get some theatrical posters of my film made and I'm having trouble finding out what the standard specs are for this. I've contacted some companies (it also seems difficult to find good places!) and the options seem to be digital, satin or silk (mainly 200gsm). I'm...
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    pre-pro Location Scouting / Stills

    Hi there, I'm currently in pre-production on a project and am wondering what is the best way to go about location scouting. I'm intending to shoot the film in the area in which I live, across all four seasons, and over the last few years (since I got the idea for the project) I have taken a...
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    distro Physical Vs. Digital Home Video Release

    Hi there, I'm just about to release my last project (a documentary feature) on home video. I have an offer from a distributor, which entails self-manufacturing DVDs and BDs. I have retained the right to sell from the film's website. The distributor will get the DVDs into stores and will try to...
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    pre-pro Scheduling/Crew

    Hi there, I'm putting together the schedule for my first feature and am slightly confused about how to make optimal use of certain department heads and crew members. From the books/articles I've read, and people I've contacted, almost everyone seems to have a daily/weekly rate, but I will only...
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    software Sorting by Custom Categories in Movie Magic Scheduling?

    Hi there, I've created breakdown sheets for the first five pages of my screenplay in Movie Magic Scheduling as a preliminary test. When sorting the scenes, the selection appears to be quite limited. I need, for example, to sort scenes by actors and by special equipment. Is there a way to add...
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    misc How Long to Schedule for Prep?

    Hi there, I'm wondering how long I should schedule for prep with the DP on my first narrative feature? I am producing/directing. I'm also not sure of what the entire process entails, as all the books I have on filmmaking don't really cover the subject and internet searches haven't proved too...
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    pre-pro Scheduling and Budgeting Software

    Hi there, I’m currently producing my first narrative feature and am considering which software to use for this (am currently working on the script breakdown, using the method of a pencil/ruler and highlighters). Movie Magic appears to be prohibitively expensive; Gorilla is affordable. Of...
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    character Naming and Formatting Minor Characters

    In the initial scene, there is a "store clerk" (currently of unspecified gender). The protagonist then follows the glamorous woman from the store to her home, so we cut across several locations (store -> road/cars -> house). The orderly appears in multiple scenes, spread throughout the first...
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    character Naming and Formatting Minor Characters

    Hi there, I’m writing my first screenplay and am struggling to define naming and formatting rules for minor characters. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 1) Should minor characters be referred to with exactly the same name throughout? e.g. A minor character is introduced (p.34): “He...
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    Rates for DIY Screenings

    Hi there, When organising screenings for my feature (primarily at indie theatres, music venues etc), I am wondering if I should request a one-off licensing fee to screen or a percentage of the door? Or is it the case that I won't really have a choice between the two as it will general be...
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    Sales Agents and Upfront Fees

    It was actually $3,750 total - with 40% now, 60% after a sale to a master distributor that I approve of.
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    Sales Agents and Upfront Fees

    Everyone I've been in touch with who've worked with the company has been very positive (and I contacted numerous people not on the list of references they provided). I also negotiated a partial payment now, partial payment in the event of a sale deal, which I imagine illustrates some confidence...
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    Sales Agents and Upfront Fees

    A sales company/aggregator suggested that since my film has not had a theatrical release, the best thing is for me to just go through avenues like Vimeo, as I can drive buyers to it and that it would not be very visible on itunes etc due to the lack of a theatrical release and substantial...
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    Sales Agents and Upfront Fees

    I read the BBC broadcast specs during pre-production and it seemed very basic and suprise-free. We shot 4K RED. I can have an M&E mix made up very easily if it is required. Is this related to SD material again?
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    Sales Agents and Upfront Fees

    Although my knowledge of TV deliverables is cursory, I was under the impression that generally all that is required are rights clearances (although I had heard that this might not even be necessary) an HD Quicktime file of the film itself and potentially Errors and Omissions insurance in some...