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    critique Feedback needed

    I read the first few pages. I will be honest and say that your dialogue doesn't feel natural. Enjoyed your descriptions and actions, though. Your first page was pretty much absent of grammatical errors but increased as I kept reading. Grammar was the main reason I quit reading.
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    directing My films direction and production story so far

    It's good to see you are giving yourself a hard deadline. I was like many others in thinking this was all talk about a feature and not just a short to setup or use as a pitch for a feature. Unless there is reason for taking until March to complete this next part, I would suggest finishing as...
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    pre-pro Making a Low Budget Sci-Fi Film

    Screenshots look really cool. Little tidbits you are showing are doing a great job of hyping the product.
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    series The Mandalorian

    Interesting point of view @Feutus Lapdance. I feel like the body language is more than sufficient, but I have always enjoyed someone with a full mask on when the actor can showcase emotion, or lack thereof, through just their body. I feel like @sfoster explained the interaction with Greef pretty...
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    news Ignore the Screams

    Stories like this are why regular people never believe me when I say I am filming a small movie. They think something like this is happening or that I am actually making porn. This story was especially gut-wrenching.
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    series The Mandalorian

    As a huge Star Wars fan, I latch on to every live action piece and every book. I hated that the old EU was de-canonized, but I understood why. In order to create episodes 7-9, they either had to do what they did or just adapt stories that were already out there. If I were in charge, I probably...
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    misc People going back to physical media.

    I love physical media, but I understand why so many are moving away from it. For us filmmakers, what does our physical media offer over digital? The extras! But most people don't care about those. We need to give people a reason to buy ours, but I can't think of anything that will entice most...
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    campaign INFINITUS - A short poetic SciFi Film using Practical FX

    You keep making me want to watch this. Admittedly, $10 for a short seems a bit much, even though this does appear high concept. Are you going to release a full trailer before the campaign ends? I may have a little money after Christmas. I would love to be able to see this before it has to make...
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    directing Who here is making a movie or short film?

    I see where you are coming from, but no one is meant to recognize the spirit. I want to be able to show the spirit in the background a few times. Doing so and making the creature an exact representative of the Native culture (I can't even remember the tribe who inspired his story) could be seen...
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    campaign The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord | A horror feature about a man who claims to his girlfriend that God is speaking through him with instructions.

    I like the name of your movie. It may scream Indie, but sometimes that works, and I think it works here. I love those posters, especially, the first one. My one critique for you is that the teaser doesn't really do much for me. You have a lot of talking scenes where we don't hear any of the...
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    directing Who here is making a movie or short film?

    I am in the middle of writing a couple of different scripts/series. I am also brainstorming a couple of ideas for a Christmas themed short (one that would be really short). Someone on my team has a rough outline for a series based upon a haunted Native American mask (my understanding is that...
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    directing Who here is making a movie or short film?

    What do you mean by movie? Most people consider only feature length (maybe that's not the case on this board...but ask your neighbor). Are you wondering about shorts also? And what part of the process (pre-, pro-, post-)?
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    misc How Long Before You Felt You Were Doing A Good Job?

    This past weekend I was DP for a pretty intense psychological film. I have worked with the director before so I started off pretty comfortably. We have produced some pretty quality work before; nothing great but some very solid work (some better equipment would help, but we work with what we...
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    suggestion Member Interaction

    I think some people feel overwhelmed and aren't sure what they can contribute to the conversation. I don't think a forum is as easy a place as a comment section to simply say congratulations or I enjoyed the work. Maybe that's just me...I don't know. I often want to interact more here but I am...
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    watch Short Film Shot In 6 Hours - film student looking for feedback

    Nothing was bad but nothing was great, either. It was a solid work. Clear cut story, quality visuals. I enjoyed watching it.
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    pre-pro Making a Low Budget Sci-Fi Film

    Can't wait to see this teaser. Everything is looking good so far.
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    lighting How do you think they lit this Blade Runner scene?

    Pretty much what @sfoster said. Look at Harrison Ford's eyes, they give away the answer. The lighting on the front of his face is almost directly ahead of him but just slightly down and to the left. It appears they didn't even change setups for each individual shot. They may have just turned off...
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    marketing Lesson Learned Post

    I enjoyed seeing the ungraded screen grabs. I thought it looked really cool. The project as a whole looks cool. Admittedly, I am not a Reddit user, but from what I know, you can either score big over there or get crushed depending on the first few users commenting; every one after pretty much...
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    pay Upfront payment vs percentage of film proceeds

    I don't even understand how you could think to offer points on a short film. A feature? Sure. I doubt most departments would go for it. Admittedly, my experience is only doing shorts, but there are only a couple of people that I am willing to work on a feature for points. If I don't know you...
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    Really impressive! As equally impressive as the camera work is the work of those who was throwing the blood all over everyone and not making it look haphazard. Is there footage of all the BTS work?