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    How to become a script agent?

    I think I asked this question before but can not find the thread with the search feature (maybe I asked some place else) and if I did sorry for the double questioning. A friends mom wants to become a script agent/manger and I told her I would try and find some informative links for her so I...
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    Free movie to watch

    Hey guys as you know Mad Angel Film is trying to fund their 9th film and it can be found here and the trailer that is on there is the trailer for our 7th film Get Out of Dodge. Well we at Mad Angel Films put that movie...
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    Help fund a movie

    Mad Angel Films is working on getting funding for their 9th feature film and we are using kickstarter if you just want to check out what we plan on doing then check out this link and if you want to donate that would be...
  4. T (whose used them)

    So who has used ? I'm thinking of using them from the next Mad Angel Films flick and just want to know what type of experiences that people have had with them.
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    News: Letter from Toronto: Transition Grips the Film Business

    Check out this article Letter from Toronto: Transition Grips the Film Business It's a short read about the state of films.
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    Will Entertainment

    Anyone know anything about Will Entertainment ?
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    Distributors for indie horror?

    Anyone have a list of distros for low budget horror films? Know what ones are good or ones that should be stayed away from?
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    Top 5 sci-fi shows?

    So what are your top 5 Sci-Fi shows? Mine are: B5 Farscape Sliders DS9 Earth Final Conflict (more s1 and s2 than the rest)
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    Legal to film in comic book store?

    Well since that was answered I would like to hijack this thread with another copyright Q. Can I get away with filming in a comic-book store and show covers to comics without getting permission from the companies?
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    $10,000 if you can get through this film alone

    I really want to see this movie after reading this article
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    Script Doctors

    Are script doctors worth the money and if so who are of the ones you guys have worked with? I reformatted my 1st script and I bet it still needs the pro touch to it. Any of you out there script docs?
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    How to format on here.

    Ok can someone tell me how to place a script on here so it looks like it does in say Final Draft? I want to know how my script looks and what you guys think of the first 5 or so pages.
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    Format ok?

    I have removed this post until I can figure out how to make it look like it does in Final Draft.
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    Internet Marketing

    Have any of you who self-distribute tried internet marketing (buying ads on other people's sites, google ads, facebook ads, etc)? If so what worked for you?
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    Becoming a scritp agent

    Over the weekend my screenplay partner wanted to know how we can become screenplay agents because he feels this would make this a lot more easy for us as far as getting our scripts seen. I just think it would be way to much work for not enough exposure, but I did tell him I would look into it...
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    My website.

    I'd like some feedback on my website. Do you think trailers would be good in the movie reviews? I plan on putting stills of the movies into the reviews. Does the text look ok? The site went live like 2 weeks ago. Also feel free to leave comments on the posts over there...
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    Tips for actors.

    Don;t worry I will not being given the tips myself. I found an informitive link that I think we all should read.
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    Stats for...

    I'm looking for a site that shows stats on all types of movies and has info such as #of movies made in a year, type made, budget vs profit. Things like that. I really want to find out all that info for the Sci Fi scene.
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    Oops! Major media outlets mistake local child with murdered model

    So this happened, can you believe it?
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    So how many of us are on twitter? I'm on there as is my company @Justin_TheBuck and @MadAngelFilms I post way more than MAF so if you want follow me and I will follow you.