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  1. tjschade

    What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

    Every day I would walk to Blockbuster and roam the aisles to pick out a film to watch that night. That love for watching movies continued into a curiosity of how to make them. Also, I used film as a way to escape reality. Today I try and blend fact and fiction into my own perspective of visual...
  2. tjschade

    directing Directing crisis

    I made filmed my first feature film about 2 years ago. I spent about 3 months casting the film in both Arizona, the sate where we were filming 90% of the film and in LA, where we would film the remaining 10% of the film. I found good/decent options for all the roles in my film in both...
  3. tjschade

    [Dec 3] What are you working on this week?

    This past weekend I finished an outline for a feature script with an alumni from film school. This week my goal is to finish a first pass on the script. I am at 50 pages. I had already completed a rough 50 pages before I decided to collaborate with my classmate but realized I was missing a lot...
  4. tjschade

    top-list What are your top ten films of all time?

    1. The Master 2. Shame 3. Zodiac 4. Jaws 5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 6. Frances Ha 7. There Will Be Blood 8. The Wrestler 9. Predator 10. When a Stranger Call Back
  5. tjschade

    watch My first indie feature film on Amazon Prime - American Dreams

    I released my first feature film on Amazon Prime earlier this year and would appreciate any feedback or reviews: Thank you!
  6. tjschade

    New member

    I would really appreciate feedback