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    Saint Lucia honeymoon

    Wow that's high praise, thanks a lot!
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    Saint Lucia honeymoon

    Hey all, this is a video I made 3 years ago on my honeymoon, hope to hear your feedback and critique as I'm always looking for ways to improve. This was my first time using a gimbal, the Zhiyun weebil lab. I will be traveling again next month for the first time since then and looking to make a...
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    watch St Lucia - Travel Video

    Hey everyone, I recently went on my honeymoon to St. Lucia and made this little travel video, synced to the song Make it Right by BTS. I've learned a lot of filming and editing tips on this forum and tried applying them, such as lens flares and smooth transitions. I hope you can take a look...
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    watch Canadian Cottage Trip

    I made this little travel film to sync with the song "Lost" by Jai Wolf Also the maiden flight of my new Mavic drone :)
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    watch Switzerland - France / Amsterdam

    Really nice video!
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    Gimbals allowed in a music festival?

    Hey guys, I'm hoping to go to Tommorowland or EDC in the near future, I'm wondering if they would allow me to bring in: a) My sony a6000, with a small 35mm18 lens, looks pretty tame b) a gimbal. I was looking to purchase a Zhiyun weebil for its small form factor Anyone with thoughts or first...
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    watch Stranger Things - China Travel video

    Thanks guys, and sorry Nicola I'm not sure what happened there, hopefully it's stable now
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    watch Footage from Mavic Air

    Really nice, I just got a drone, look forward to getting shots like this!
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    watch THE WHISTLE - horror short film (my first)

    Yo this was really well done :O
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    watch Stranger Things - China Travel video

    I tried to capture different elements of China in this travel film, synced to Kygo's "Stranger Things". From the old and new, rich and poor, I hope you will join me on this little journey. Any advice for filmmaking appreciated, as I'm just getting started and always learning! Thank you :)...
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    60fps to 24fps in editing

    Hey can somebody help clarify this for me? Still a bit confused. When I exported the 60fps timeline to 24fps, some scenes looked smooth, but others were really choppy. Should I just begin with a 24fps timeline in future? And don't shoot everything in 60fps, only what I want in slow motion? Thanks.
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    watch Sunny Days - Chicago Travel Video

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a video :) Have always wanted to make fun travel videos synced to my favourite EDM/pop songs. One of my favourite artists being Armin Van Buuren. Would appreciate any advice and comments. Thanks!
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    60fps to 24fps in editing

    Hi folks, I've done some research on this topic but just wanted to confirm with my situation. I'm currently making my first video in Adobe premiere. I had shot all the footage in 60fps, and am using the auto recommended sequence in Premiere which is at 60fps 1080p. I have a lot of slo mo in the...
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    Music licensing question

    Ok thanks guys. I did some researching, and it seems a good starting point is to just check out Youtube's music policies at Can search the song you wanna use, and it lists whether it can be used or not, if they'll add ads on it, etc. If my song doesn't...
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    Music licensing question

    Hello folks, I am beginning to dabble in making videos set to my favourite pop/EDM songs. Music is the number one priority to me, as I want to set the tone of the video to it. So I'd like some advice to prevent running into any copyright/licensing issues. The videos are mainly for my friends...