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  1. Doghouse Reilly

    In Defence of the Hollywood Superhero

    I got a bit drunk last night and wrote this review of Ant-Man. It's pretty long, but it's here if you can be bothered... 'ANT-MAN' : IN DEFENCE OF THE HOLLYWOOD SUPERHERO Today a bomb went off in a bar somewhere in Bangkok. A lot of innocent people died, a lot more were badly injured. I'm not...
  2. Doghouse Reilly

    Critique My Website!

    Yeah I agree with the above points. I didn't get any real idea of who/what you are, and I wasn't sure where to click on that main page, just a bunch of random images to me. (But then you really lost me when I read your review of 'The Interview'. Hilarious is not the word I'd use to describe it...
  3. Doghouse Reilly

    watch Short Film: Master Hand - Nintendo Parody

    Others however (like myself) will not get the reference at all, and will find the film somewhat pointless/confusing. Cool effects though man, well done. :)
  4. Doghouse Reilly

    Question: Do actors deserve as little money as possible for their work?

    Actors put bums on seats. People will go watch a film with an A-lister, even if the film would otherwise not appeal to them at all.
  5. Doghouse Reilly

    Leigh Brackett's original draft for Empire.

    Alright, Lucas aside, what do you guys think of the second teaser trailer? I really like the 'look' of the film. I'm trying to be impartial. I actually think this looks like it will be really good. Only downside is that Han Solo has gotten old, but...
  6. Doghouse Reilly

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    The trailer for Joe Dirt 2. 1/5. I want my 90 seconds back.
  7. Doghouse Reilly

    I listened to a commentary track..

    Yeah I'm with you mussonman, the South Park commentaries are fantastic.
  8. Doghouse Reilly

    This is the best and worst day of my life.

    You can't change your username in your profile somehow? :huh: Welcome to the site anyway! :) What is your main interest? Writing? Directing? Cinematography? Editing? What sort of films do you want to make?
  9. Doghouse Reilly

    The Journal - Indiegogo Campaign

    Hi, welcome to the site. :D Yeah I'm not a fan of this at all. If I see a film I like the sound of I want my donation to go to THAT film, not just to the company. Just looking at your campaign, personally I think your rewards need looking at too. The cheapest reward to get access to the...
  10. Doghouse Reilly

    Leigh Brackett's original draft for Empire.

    Really? Interesting article. And I agree, I think not having Lucas involved in some capacity would be a mistake. Nobody knows and loves that world more than him, and his wonderful imagination...
  11. Doghouse Reilly

    Swedish Movie Prod Company

    Good job. Layout looks really nice, although not speaking a word of Swedish I must admit I found it rather hard to navigate. :)
  12. Doghouse Reilly

    Can I mention actors names in my screenplay?

    Yeah I do the same. Even Robert Rodriguez wrote a character called Buscemi into his 'Desperado' screenplay because he knew he wanted Steve Buscemi for the part. I'm not sure if they ever say the name in the film, but that's how he's billed in the credits. Though I think the OP was referring...
  13. Doghouse Reilly

    Writing a Spec Script with intent to sell

    Step 1) Write script Step 2) Step 3) Profit!!!
  14. Doghouse Reilly

    On indiegogo does asking what may be too much turn the audience off?

    True, but it's far more important that your feature looks and sounds professional. That should be the priority. If it costs 1-3 grand (I would have thought considerably more even, though I guess it may depend on the song and the duration) to use a licenced song and you plan to use a handful...
  15. Doghouse Reilly

    how do actors or child celebs make a living after their 15 mins?

    That is so cool. Maybe they should have got him for this movie:
  16. Doghouse Reilly

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    The original, yeah? Great movie. THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY... 10/10 :bow: Such a good film. Seriously. If you haven't seen it go find the biggest screen you can, turn up the speakers, set aside 3 hours and enjoy. Watching it again I was struck by how well it is structured, the...
  17. Doghouse Reilly

    how do actors or child celebs make a living after their 15 mins?

    Also don't assume just because a child actor doesn't go on to become a huge star they are not still getting enough acting work to live on. When was the last time you saw Henry Thomas (the boy from ET) in anything? What about Ham or Scotty from 'The Sandlot'? Rufio from 'Hook'? The girl from...
  18. Doghouse Reilly

    Who do celebrities do this?

    Oh man, that sucks Alcove. Sorry to hear. Do you still play in any bands? As for celebrities not responding to fans, check out 'celebrities reading mean tweets' on youtube and you'll probably see why a lot of them don't bother. Perhaps the lesser-knowns do because a) they have more time for...
  19. Doghouse Reilly

    I'm Back with a New Film!

    I agree. Personally when I see a target like that I think 'well, heck, couldn't you and your producer just raise that money yourself relatively easily by pulling a few shifts somewhere?' Ironically I'd be more likely to donate to someone asking for $2,000 than $750 I think. Having said that if...
  20. Doghouse Reilly

    I'm 17 and just wrapped my first feature

    jrusso, you've said your piece, now just let it go man. Let's try and get back to talking about films. :)