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  1. freemanfilms

    campaign Words Under Fire: The Danger of A Single Story - Kickstarter Live

    Words Under Fire - The Danger of A Single Story Exploring the impact of book banning in the modern age and how it's targeting marginalized communities in the United States and beyond. For Words Under Fire, our Kickstarter launch date is Wednesday, April 12th, and runs for 40 days through...
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    campaign Carmen: A short film thriller - Kickstarter Live

    CARMEN: A SHORT FILM THRILLER. A seed of doubt with unexplained intentions leads to a growing suspicion that sends a relationship down an unexpected path. For Carmen, our Kickstarter launch date is Tuesday, June 28th, and runs for 30 days through July 28th. Be part of the journey of making the...
  3. freemanfilms

    Hi, I'm Tyler!

    I am a Director, Camera Operator, and Cinematographer. My experience in film spans over five years, including a variety of web series. Categories include cooking, jewelry, music, tech and travel. Clients include Rocket Mortgage, Parade, JTV and Netflix.