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    watch Autohotkey: A Starter guide video

    Autohotkey is a free and open source program that I heavily depend on... after running across multiple situations of me being unable to explain it with just words, I decided to make this video tutorial/explanation. No matter what programs you use, this will make your life easier...
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    low goal crowd funding rant!

    The problem with low goal crowdfunding is that the producer often doesn't get much help but is still left with all of the obligations associated with the funding efforts. Below a certain point, one may as well just save the Kickstarter/indiegogo fees along with the cost of developing perks and...
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    Delura: A Complete Behind the Scenes Feature of an independent 3d animated series

    I want to preface this by saying that for-sale tutorial content is not in my future and will probably never be a part of my regular way of doing things. Selling instructional content isn't something I'm interested in doing so I publish it freely both for the community and for the people I work...
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    > My Crowdfunding Experience

    I have cancelled the Delura Kickstarter (4 days left); it was highly doubtful I'd raise $5000 for a total of $6500 in that timeframe. I am making a working on finishing a behind the scenes video, and part of it will go into explaining my experiences concerning the crowdfunding attempt.
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    watch Delura: a 3d sci-fi animated series
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    Social Brain Wave: News

    The website, yeah. I won't comment on customization options that YouTube gives because they change every few months. EDIT: If you don't already, check out Reddit for advertising. I am not a fan of the website, but if you post a link with some good content it will get some attention if posted in...
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    Social Brain Wave: News

    Just toyed around real quick, not a serious attempt at a logo... all I know is that the placeholder banner bugs the hell out of me :) . I'm not as well practiced in logo/typeface design... the Delura typeface was result of weeks of work and multiple people throwing their ideas to take a foggy...
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    PIXAR's 22 rules of storytelling

    Pixar (and Dreamworks, Disney, etc) only have 1 rule for film: -Make a family films that follow the exact same formula as every film ever released since Toy Story. Hide repetitive writing with superior graphics. Just sayin' :) I like Pixar's works, but their "formula" is getting really old.
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    watch Delura: a 3d sci-fi animated series
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    Original Animated Sci Fi Webseries

    Finally another 3d sci-fi series pop up here!! I'm so glad to see others taking up the challenge because quite frankly... there isn't enough sci-fi content out there anymore (especially 3d animated stuff). Keep at it! Your strongest point is your visuals; for the most part I really liked the...
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    watch Delura: a 3d sci-fi animated series

    All visuals by Ryan Roye, music and audio mixing by MetalRenard. NOTE: We have a promo pack available that contains video and images that you may download and utilize however you wish so long as it helps promote our Kickstarter (you may even monetize these videos on your YouTube account if you...
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    Social Brain Wave: News

    Thanks! By the way, I had some ideas for the Social Brain Wave Logo... I keep getting images of some dude with glasses touching his mind and blasting through a brick wall. I dunno if it really communicates the purpose, it is the only idea that has stuck in my head since I brainstormed about it...
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    Delura 3d animated series Kickstarter Launched!

    Taben had an idea about how we should advertise better... my thoughts on that:
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    What rewards work best for crowdfunding?

    I can't speak for anyone else, but if I were pledging to someone else's campaign, I'd be very interested in things like behind the scenes or exclusive content features. I love seeing the nuts and bolts of how other people achieve their goals! I'd be just as happy getting it as a download link...
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    Delura 3d animated series Kickstarter Launched!

    Thanks! We're going to need it... but just in case we're going to try to circumvent luck with plain ol' working our butts off :)
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    Crowdfunding dilemma

    I'd try to get it all done in a single campaign myself... You may exhaust/dilute your audience's impact if they know they're going to have to raise funds multiple times. I would be careful about how you budget too... pay close attention to the expenses you are incurring in all areas. Don't...
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    Delura 3d animated series Kickstarter Launched! Hello everyone, some of you may have noticed the Delura series thread on the Indietalk animation forums... I had been planning for this kickstarter for a while. I could say more, but I think the video communicates it better. Thank you for taking the...
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    Social Brain Wave: News

    I have some questions, and I'd also like to offer my help because I like the idea behind this point source of cross promotion. Since I'm somewhat limited in what I can do I'm not asking for anything in return. First off, I would be more than happy to get a sidebar banner ad placed at zero cost...
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    watch Delura: a 3d sci-fi animated series

    You can thank a combination of MetalRenard's extensive advice combined with his suggestion to use the program Reaper for the improvement to Audio between this episode and the previous. Reaper fit my workflow like a glove.
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    watch Delura: a 3d sci-fi animated series CREDITS: ----Ryan Roye Lead Development Writing Character design General Modeling General Textures Final Lighting Rigging 2d/3d Animation Sound Design Post Production Composer: MetroTech Dream (0:55) Voice: LI.BA.sie default computer voice Voice...