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  1. CamVader

    Long time no talk. :) I wanted to ask you where the best forum to inquire about a VFX artist for...

    Long time no talk. :) I wanted to ask you where the best forum to inquire about a VFX artist for a horror short. I looked at the classifieds, but I don't care where they'd be located and it would cut down on views if I limited it. Peace and hit me up when you get a free moment. Thanks, John Kilderry
  2. CamVader

    Is it worth buying Denoiser II?

    Frequently a tad of sharpening is needed after denoising by my eye.
  3. CamVader

    How come I can't double my shutter at 6fps?

    Nope. I didn't miss anything. ;)
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    Canon XHA1s and 2 HV40's

    Time to clean out storage. If anyone is interested in any of the above camera's send me a PM. Low hours on all 3. If you're not familiar with the models please look them up first. Thanks. USA. NTSC. 2 years old with low hours. Extra batteries and wide angle adapter.
  5. CamVader

    > Examination: YouTube Top Content Providers

    Damn, Ray. I'm in my 12th dispute with YouTube over Apple Loops alone and may never have original content. :(
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    Antihero at Virginia Film Fest

    I need to see this film. CF, what are your future plans for availability to the public?
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    making a movie, only one lens, 50mm1.4...?

    This is no knock an the OP, but I heartily agree with Gonzo. There is a lot of work (homework, trial & error, etc) to be accomplished in making films. Then there's tho whole business of how films are constructed, other elements of cinematography and so on. One of the best ways to learn is...
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    Editing an awkward scene

    Interesting and the audio sounded pretty clean on this end. I find subtle scenes a challenge as opposed to highly emotional scenes. I would guess it's similar for the actors, also. Just curious, how long did this scene take to shoot?
  9. CamVader

    Question about breaking the editing rules appropriately.

    I'm not so sure the definition of a jump cut is understood here, H44. Are you talking about the 30 degree rule?
  10. CamVader

    Film Festivals - Do You Go?

    I have to admit I only go when I have a film screening or a friend does. I'm also getting snobby about good projection to be honest. ;)
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    Happy Birthday Phil_UK!

    My birthday wishes are not nearly as colorful and mentally stimulating. Happy birthday, Phil. :)
  13. CamVader

    The Indie Gathering

    Proud of you, Gonzo. 2nd is nothing to sneeze at!
  14. CamVader

    A lens Test Gone Bad Just for fun, amigos. ;)
  15. CamVader

    Camera exposure/blown highlights

    Knightly offered some great advice, but we're not talking about overblown highlights here, it's just overexposed - be the dynamic range or any reason. If you can find a way to work around the limits of this camera, there will be lessons learned for life making you a better photographer and...
  16. CamVader

    Editing 5d Mark ii footage in Premiere Pro

    In my experience, yes.
  17. CamVader

    Editing 5d Mark ii footage in Premiere Pro

    Magic Bullet Grinder may be worth a try if you're at the limit of your patience and it's much more reasonably priced than Cineform.
  18. CamVader

    Starwars that I used to know

    The casting of George Lucas' neck was brilliant!
  19. CamVader

    Nora Ephron - RIP

    A prolific writer and student of human just about anything. One of the best! If you've never heard of her and are serious about film or character study, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with her works.
  20. CamVader

    "Standard" Development Deal?

    This is why directorik is awesome. Thank you sir and thank you CF for a great question.