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  1. DeJager

    Is TJ Millers Career Over?

    He's also been in quite a few huge Hollywood blockbuster movies. He was great in Age of Extinction.
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    No more youtube revenue for us

    You're so cool... *Yawn*. "It's really not hard"... give me a break man. Serious creators? Oh.. you mean the Youtube Superstars that eat Tidepods for a living or filming dumb stunts... or do you mean the ones that just record themselves playing video games? Yep, those serious creators.
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    Leaving Vimeo

    What other hosting platforms are out there besides Vimeo and YT that are worth a salt? Vimeo, in my opinion, is the most professional and well run.
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    10/31 Horror Anthology

    Hey, ZMY! It's only available via as of now. I got involved through connections I made by directing the horror film, Bonejangles. I met some other producers/filmmakers who wanted me to direct a segment in their upcoming horror anthology which is when I met the producers for 10-31.
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    10/31 Horror Anthology

    Hey, All! I haven't posted in awhile but figured now is a good time to catch up with what I've been up to. I wrote and directed a segment in Rocky Gray's new horror anthology, 10/31 which was just released! My segment was inspired by the 1991 Halloween Blizzard that basically canceled Halloween...
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    Reasonable percentage of profit for cast & crew? - Creating a Legal Contract

    Sweetie - This is likely because time invested won't pay the production costs. Would you rather have somebody invest actual cash into your production or provide free labor? My guess would be you'd rather have an actual cash investor. Of course that's not to say that time invested shouldn't be...
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    Other marketing strategy for a film promotion

    Hire a PR firm to handle the marketing/promotion of your film. The PR firm working with our movie has been absolutely fantastic to work with.
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    The 1TB SD Card

    It is quite impressive.
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    How much to charge for making promo videos for businesses?

    It really depends on the market in your area and what the video will require. You should be bidding out each video separately depending on the requirements on the project. For example, do they want a drone shot? That would require more if you need to hire a drone operator for a day if you aren't...
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    Bonejangles - Feature Film

    So the official release date of Bonejangles has come! It's currently at Redboxes nationwide and Amazon Video on Demand. More VOD platforms will be added throughout the next week such as VUDU, Playstation Store, Google Play, Itunes, etc with a physical (DVD/Blu-Ray) release in September sometime...
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    The 1TB SD Card

    I personally wouldn't use anything that big on a shoot. I prefer numerous smaller cards than 1 or 2 big cards in case one gets corrupted. Losing 1 TB of footage is way worse than losing 256 GB.
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    Would you make a feature film with a camera that has a Micro Four Thirds sensor?

    This really isn't the truth anymore. It truly depends on what the plan is for distribution. There are very specific criteria for a lot of platforms now. You can even see the specific requirements for Netflix by simply looking on their website. Simply having a good story is not enough if you...
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    Bonejangles - Feature Film

    Hey, everybody! I can't believe it's been 7 months since I've posted that Bonejangles was picked up for distribution. I'm counting down the days until it's release! A lot of reviews are coming in as well. It releases on VOD July 18th and will be available in Redboxes nationwide...
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    That's great to hear! I don't know them personally but I do enjoy a fun slasher flick. I'll definitely be checking it out. You doing any other movie projects right now?
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    Of course! I follow the filmmakers who made this movie this as well as half of the other up and coming filmmakers. Gotta keep up with the competition! :) (Plus I love to collaborate). They were smart in investing in a very talented illustrator for their one sheet. It's generating interest in itself.
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    Can Movie Magic Screenwriter, import a screenplay into it?

    Why not ask the person who wrote the script for the actual editable version???
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    Totally rad. Major props to you. Sounds great!
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    How long should a scene take to shoot in this case...

    You guys spend all your time replying to H44's posts (and complain) but yet when other members actually post something of substance or try to show work they've completed or get distribution, nothing. There is something wrong with that. I don't want anybody that keeps replying to H44 to...
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    How do I film for 10+ continuous hours?

    Hot swapping.
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    should i use this style cinematography in my new indie film "500 MILES"?

    If it's just for one specific scene then yes. Otherwise... no. (it's visually unappealing and it'd likely make a lot of people sick).