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  1. Panos

    Screenplay analysis

    I would like to know if there is anyone who knows what is considered as the best screenplay analysis company in the world. Like, for example, the best screenplay contest is Nicholl screenplay contest. If there is no such thing as the best screenplay analysis company in the world, then suggest...
  2. Panos

    Advise to the director

    I would like to ask if there is a way to write that you don't want the camera to show something. I know it is director's job and I know they will get it but I ask in case there is any such advise. Like sometimes you write CU when it is very important for the story, is there the opposite like...
  3. Panos

    Switch between flashback and present

    If we have f.e. a scene where someone is hitting punches on the wall and with every punch the hero, who is watching him, remembers something, how would we right that scene?
  4. Panos

    Grand Prize Winner in Hollywood's Short Screenplay contest. Now what?

    My short script "The Witch" is the Grand Prize Winner in Hollywood's Short Screenplay contest in 2016. It is my first script. Has this contest any real value? The story is very nice, as I've been said, but the script...
  5. Panos

    Same character + decades later = different actor

    When a character appears f.e. 50 years later, and therefore a different actor will play him, should we capitalize his name again and write his new age again?
  6. Panos

    0% love in a screenplay!

    What is your opinion on a screenplay about a big war, that has 0% love elements, not a single hint about love in the whole screenplay? Is there any chance to sell such a script? Does it have to be a perfect masterpiece to counterbalance the complete lack of love elements? By love I mean sexual...
  7. Panos

    interior, but seen from outside.

    If there is a scene which happens in a store, but we see it from outside, the scene is INT. or EXT.? In the scene we describe what happens inside the store but the hero is outside and watches inside.
  8. Panos

    Advanced intercut

    Hello, I have an intercut of 2 places, then after some lines a third place comes and now the intercut continues with all the 3 places. How I write it? example: John and Tom are talking to the phone. INTERCUT BETWEEN: JOHN AND TOM JOHN ...... TOM ...... Mark gets in to the phone line and now...
  9. Panos

    Unknown music

    Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack at 2:15 in this video:
  10. Panos

    Re-register any newer draft?

    Hello, I have registered a script in 2015 at Untill now I made many changes in the script. Should I register it again? This sounds to me nonsense, but what is the law?
  11. Panos

    Open Stadium INT or EXT?

    How do I write the slugline when I'm inside an open stadium? INT or EXT? In the first scene we are outside of the stadium and in the second scene we are inside. I wrote: EXT. OUTSIDE STADIUM - DAY . . . EXT. INSIDE STADIUM - DAY . . . Is it right?
  12. Panos

    500 Ways to Beat the Hollywood Script Reader

    Do you know where we can buy the book: 500 Ways to Beat the Hollywood Script Reader by Jennifer Lerch in PDF format? I don't want a paperback because I want to double click on the words I don't know to translate them.
  13. Panos

    Score 61 at PAGE awards for my first script

    Have you ever sent a script for coverage? What was your score? I sent my first screenplay for coverage at PAGE Awards and the score was 61. ______________________________________ The statistics for PAGE are these: Approximately 25% of all entries score below 40 Approximately 50% of all entries...
  14. Panos

    Spec Scripts

    Does anyone know any web page where we can find spec screenplays only? Most web pages have specs and shooting scripts mixed!
  15. Panos

    Screenplay Coverage

    Does anyone know any good screenplay coverage services?
  16. Panos

    New character - no image, only sound

    Hello, I have a script where there is a scene that it's black image and only sound is heard, not just lights off but no image at all. In this scene a new character opens the door, comes in and have a talk with someone. In a next scene the scene opens and we see his face. Do I have to introduce...
  17. Panos

    short film script competitions

    Hello, Do you know any good short film script competitions?
  18. Panos

    Title page copyright format

    Hello, I would like to ask how do I write to my title page that the script is registered at I found on internet this example (also I asked at Copyright © 2001 by Fatty Turner Registered, WGAw Do I just change the WGAw and make it If not how...
  19. Panos

    copyright vs register

    Hello, I want to copyright a script at Please tell me if you know, how can I do that because I'm very conduced with terms like copyright, register, register a new claim, copyright registration!
  20. Panos

    Advise on what camera to buy!

    Hello, I want to buy a camera for shooting videos and movies. I have some characteristics in my mind that I want my camera to have. Please give me any advise on what camera should I buy. One big question is DSLR or camcorder? Which have more professional result? (comparing DSLR and...