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  1. sonnyboo

    watch my short film that was pitched to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim

    The Uncle Pete documentary has finished it's festival run and now it's online! Please show some love for this little movie and SHARE SHARE SHARE! The humor is pretty dark and it's like South Park offensive.
  2. sonnyboo

    watch edit challenge - MULTICAM EDITING CINESTUDY (formerly Framelines) presents an Interactive Project and EDIT CHALLENGE! We want YOU to be the EDITOR of these two MUSIC VIDEOS! Here we have 2 songs recorded from 4 different cameras. You need to synchronize the shots...
  3. sonnyboo

    watch Edit Challenge - COLOR GRADING

    Some more free 4K raw footage and another Edit Challenge on COLOR GRADING from Cinestudy
  4. sonnyboo

    website EDIT CHALLENGE - mini Horror Movie

    Mini Horror Movie EDIT CHALLENGE click here We want YOU to be our editor on a mini-HORROR MOVIE! Anyone can download the free 4K raw footage and then edit the short film and upload it. I've spun off my tv show FRAMELINES into this new interactive project called CINESTUDY. We're going to be...
  5. sonnyboo

    watch Cinestudy - my new free educational endeavor

    Hey guys, been a while. I've been working on this new project that's an interactive filmmaking tutorial thing for free online. Right now I'm using some older material but I'm going to start shooting some brand new things for...
  6. sonnyboo

    watch Touching Kids, a mockumentary

    A mockumentary on a conservative children's show WARNING! offensive humor! Just finished my festival run for the past 6 months.
  7. sonnyboo

    Solo, my supercut trailer I had an extra 10 minutes this morning.... so I cut together the Superbowl spot and the Teaser into an extended edit.
  8. sonnyboo

    free raw footage and an interactive tutorial This is part one of a new series of free online tutorials I am doing. Edit the prelude to an action sequence, every shot is a dolly shot. Download all the raw footage for free here: All the credits and technical info...
  9. sonnyboo

    if you're looking for free BLADE RUNNER-ish songs.... CCBY - totally free to use in video, productions, etc. - PJR
  10. sonnyboo

    watch the difference between Special FX and Visual FX
  11. sonnyboo

    a free scene to edit

    Here is one of those "the team is planning a heist" scenes and all the raw footage for it, anyone can edit this and put it online. Instructions are here
  12. sonnyboo

    practice editing - MATCH CUTTING And the free raw footage And f you want to know more about Match Cutting/Cutting on Motion...
  13. sonnyboo

    Interactive Tutorial - Color Grading

    INTERACTIVE TUTORIAL - Color Grading For this new tutorial, you are tasked with editing from raw footage, but also to practice COLOR GRADING, create the sound design and music, as well as to shoot an insert shot to control the mood of the scene...
  14. sonnyboo

    watch Something very wrong with RETURN OF THE JEDI
  15. sonnyboo

    watch drone test flight

    Imma start using this in film work a lot in the near future. I've only had this a few weeks. DJI Phantom 3 - 4K model, shot in 4K.
  16. sonnyboo

    6 free instrumental ambient tracks
  17. sonnyboo

    watch Interactive Tutorial - Animatics
  18. sonnyboo

    watch Inside Joke from BACK TO THE FUTURE
  19. sonnyboo

    watch Movie & TV Extras
  20. sonnyboo

    FRee 4K Raw Footage - interactive project from Framelines

    INTERACTIVE PROJECT - Free 4K Raw Footage Practice L-Cuts/Split Edits with this new, free editing project from FRAMELINES. 4K Cinematography by...