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    Slightly obsessed with Dostoevsky

    I'd be up for collaborating on a Glasgow-based The Idiot. I was born in the Royal Maternity in Rottenrow, briedfly lived in Hyndland, grew up in the Highlands, then it was Drumchapel and now Partick. I was thinking of putting a modern-day Myshkin in one of the 1980s epileptic colonies in England...
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    Hello from a zero-experience newbie.

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    Hello from a zero-experience newbie.

    Hello. I'm here because I've had a few ideas for short films, but I have no experience or professional teaching so I thought I'd seek out a community. I'm 20 and live in Glasgow, and I've started on the screenplay for my first short. I thought my first major problem would be finding actors, but...
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    Slightly obsessed with Dostoevsky

    Welcome! I dropped by your thread in particular because I'm a ridiculous Dostoyevsky lover, too. I've been thinking of naming my first short Notes from the Underground, although it has comparatively little to do with Dostoyevsky, and I've been thinking of trying a short adaptation of The Idiot...
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    software Best video editing software that won't break the bank?

    Hi. I'm a complete newcomer to filmmaking. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I've never had the motivation or any ideas until now. I was playing with a few things from the Windows 10 app store, but it became apparent after a very short time that it wasn't going to give me a...
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    using celebrity images and artwork in set design

    Does anyone know about the laws on this in the UK? I understand our copyright laws are far stricter than those in the US.