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  1. onebaldman

    campaign INFINITUS - A short poetic SciFi Film using Practical FX

    Hey everyone. We have just launched our campaign here: Firstly, I want to thank you for clicking and reading this. Hopefully we make an impression on you, as we have worked incredibly hard just to reach this point in our film's...
  2. onebaldman

    suggestion Member Interaction

    So, there have been a decent amount of new people (including myself) signing up. And a good number of member films have been added to the showcase. With this, you would think there would be more chatter/reviews/feedback happening. So far I only know of about 2 or 3 people who have recently...
  3. onebaldman

    misc Filmmaking Lesson Learned #2: Feedback (constructive) is Awesome

    So, with my first short film, I used Film Freeway to submit to over 20 festivals. Only 12 of those accepted the film, and we earned two wins, and the rest were either nominations or finalists. Using Filmfreeway, you discover quickly that there are many festivals that use the same copy/paste...
  4. onebaldman

    marketing Lesson Learned Post

    I am a chronic screw up, its something I've dealt with my entire life. A mix of my stubborn attitude, my ignorance, and my past traumas mix together to create situations where I am always questioning what is the right thing to do. That said, I think I do have some good qualities. I am very...
  5. onebaldman

    website Infinitus - An atmospheric scifi film using practical FX

    Hi everyone. Here is the main website for our upcoming scifi film. A lot of work has been put into this, so we hope enjoy looking through the gallery, at the profiles, and getting hyped for our eventual release of the film.
  6. onebaldman

    misc Previous Crew Member Causing Issues

    So, I'm going to go out on a limb and share this with you all. Hopefully, I'm not overstepping my boundaries... I've never been very good at... People things. I've been dealing with a problematic person who used to be on our crew. Full story: This person (nameless here; so lets call them...
  7. onebaldman

    movie-talk The Lighthouse

    Anyone else as excited as I am to see this? I really enjoyed the director's (Robert Eggers) last film "The VVitch".
  8. onebaldman

    directing How to keep Cast/Crew Engaged during Low Budget Shoot?

    So I have a filming strategy to go about completing my short film in three phases or chunks. Each phase is planned to be shot complete in 1 or 2 days. Spread out over the course of three months. So far, phase 1 is looking good to go and everyone is prepping quickly. My question is, other than...
  9. onebaldman

    directing Business/Marketing vs Emotion/Art

    I'm not good with self publication, or making my opinions seem important. For years, I've tried in vain to become someone worthy of listening to. To become a role-model. To become a guru. I don't know if this was because I wanted fame, or more because (at least I think) to be appreciated for my...
  10. onebaldman

    microphone Set Me Up for Sound Success

    Every project I make, I focus on one department to learn. This time, I am learning sound. I have basic gear, and know I need better stuff. I will be filming in a warehouse, and have heard echo is a nightmare for this. I'm thinking of using lavalieres for dialogue, and putting sound in...
  11. onebaldman

    critique Infinitus Short SciFi Script Feedback

    I'm really looking to revitalize the dialogue in this script. I am not good at dialogue (I don't socialize much). Knowing that is my weak point, could anyone give this script a read and help me improve the dialogues a little...
  12. onebaldman

    directing Director War Stories

    I'm not a seasoned Director by any means. I'm working on my second short film, and researching how to be better at directing. That said, any of us out there who have good/bad/ugly stories to share about directing their own films? Be it short or feature length? I'd love to chat about experiences...
  13. onebaldman

    pre-pro Making a Low Budget Sci-Fi Film

    Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Can I offer you a drink? Coffee? Sure, I'm going to need some coffee too for this thread. It's gonna be a long one. I am posting because I wanted to bring you all along with me on my journey to making a Science Fiction film called "Infinitus". My plan...
  14. onebaldman

    suggestion Locking Old Threads

    I think older threads from several months prior should be locked. Chances are, the person has already been answered, and it will allow more discussion back and forth in real time, rather than expecting the OP to reply months later. I understand they can be resources and references for prior...
  15. onebaldman

    Short Filmmaker in Wisconsin

    Hi! If you are in Wisconsin, primarily near Milwaukee or Madison, don't be afraid to hit me up and chat. I'm always down with talking about filmmaking. My website is:
  16. onebaldman

    My name is Cam, Hi!

    Hey everyone, Just found this forum. Looking forward to speaking with everyone here. I am an amateur filmmaker, currently working on my 2nd short film after a semi-successful launch of the first one. This is something I've wanted to be doing my entire life, and I just feel as if my life clicks...