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    Wow this site looks different. It's been a minute.

    Hello Everyone, It's funny this is the first site I found when I made my feature at 17. Posting 17, 5 years ago triggered a few folks. Good times. Since then I have graduated from College and I'm in a few things on Netflix. I took a much needed mental break as I was just tired of being on sets...
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    watch Looking for G rated shorts or features

    Hello Everyone, Long time no talk to. Does anyone have any G rated films (any length) for a fundraiser in 2.5 weeks? It's playing in a real Theatre to help raise awareness for the foster kid problem in this nation. Thanks in advance!
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    European Filmmakers...

    Hello to the peeps overseas. I am taking a vacation in July. I WANT TO WORK ON YOUR SET DURING THIS TIME. I thought if i could make a little bit of money I could write my ticket off,and make a little bit of money. I land in Barcelona mid July and will be there for 11 days. If you pay for...
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    Who is in LA for Hire

    Just thought I would throw this out here but who is in LA that has their own gear and small crew for hiring? By crew I mean someone that can shoot, light and sound. Or if you dont have a crew who does any of those 3 in and around LA? This would be for a SAG Ultra Low feature. 3 weeks of work...
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    watch latest trailer

    Here s the latest trailer of a movie I'm the lead in. RegionRat.. Hope you like it.
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    anyone working on teen script

    I'm in the middle of my second feature. I'm looking ahead and wondering if anyone has any teen scripts they have worked on/finished. Thanks
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    Have any of your extra movies that you want to get rid of?

    Hey Guys, I'm going to start going door to door raising funds for my next film like I did for Spoilers. I'm giving anyone that donates to my next film a copy of my film Spoilers The Movie. If you have copies of your feature (or a couple shorts) in a DVD case collecting dust and you want them...
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    Moving to North Hollywood

    Ready to audition/work for/with you guys! Just got done shooting a film for six weeks as the lead. Cast to shoot a film in Texas in December starring Big Mike from the Blindside. Lead in another film The UNMiracle co starring Kevin Sorbo/Stephen Baldwin. A couple of scenes in Jared Hess's...
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    Made Feature at 17 and now available for rent/purchase

    Hi Guys!!! If you scroll down in these threads you will see my journey making a feature film at 17 years old. I was able to get Terry Kiser (dead guy/Bernie) from Weekend at Bernies in my film. It has been up for several festival awards winning a few. Today I just put it up so you can buy...
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    watch My new reel

    Want to make it tighter. Any thoughts? I think I want to keep all Sorbo scenes.
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    I'll be in Orlando next week.

    Anyone near Orlando? I will be at this fest. This is where a good majority of buyers go for Christian/faith films. This is a life changer for me-if it gets bought. I was one of the leads in this film with Kevin Sorbo and Stephen Baldwin. I beat out hundreds of...
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    Any roles for a teen?

    Hey Guys. I just turned 18 and I graduate at the end of May. At this point June and July are wide open. I move to LA in August. Does anyone need any actors for your projects. Depending on the project I dont even need to get paid if it is a juicy role. I just want to work! Here is my IMDB page...
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    watch So heres a trailer

    I found out about a contest through a local bank for High School kids that was due April 1st. I hadn't done my trailer yet so I put something together in a couple of hours. It had to be rated G so it's really tame. So should I put out a trailer that is a lot more real/raw? Anyways, here it is...
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    Looking for a feature script

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a script geared around teenagers. This can be ANYTHING. I need two main leads. One is me. I'm 17 and I can have long hair, no hair or regular hair. The other is a 16 year old blond girl who is a freak of an actor and not disney.She is 5'3 blond, cute. There could be...
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    I'll just ask....

    You may or may not have been following my thread that I started in August. I am 17 and produced, directed acted in my first feature film this summer. I cast it nation wide and got my number one choices. I was able to get Terry Kiser (weekend at Bernies) in the film. I have sound design almost...
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    watch I won best Villian in our 48 hr fest

    I have been doing these 48 hr fests every year since I was 7. This was the first time doing a Horror 48 hr fest. What was great is that I was on the team that I hired to shoot/edit my feature. This was their first time doing a 48 hr film fest. They were complete rookies because they didnt have...
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    Indy Bands/singers

    Anyone want their work on a feature? Need Indy Bands solo artists. Pretty much any and every genre. You can have them contact me at
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    watch A quick 30 second Teaser

    Hi Guys, We just put up a quick 30 second teaser. I think I will try to put something every 10-14 days just to try to build an audience. If you have 30 seconds to spare would love an opinion. Of course liking my Facebook page also helps. I have no idea how to link it but it's called Spoilers...
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    Need someone to score my feature

    Hello Everyone, I just finished my first feature. I was able to hire actors from New York, Chicago, Texas and California. I had 1500 people submit through Actors Access and I "hired" these teens. They are all like me. I am a lead in an Indy project that comes to redbox in a couple of months. I...
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    I'm 17 and just wrapped my first feature

    Hello Everyone, I had a fun, nerve wracking 16 days (12-16 hours) and wrapped my first feature. You can see a local story here. I was able to get Terry Kiser (Bernie/dead guy/weekend at bernies) in my...