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    Audio mixing: deaf character

    The Quiet Place has a nice take on this..
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    lighting Making a short film in the night without any lights just a phone

    Hey, I love a challenge.. The real world is seldom actually pitch black, and a black screen is just not cinematic. Light spills in from outside street lamps.. the glow of the old school LED alarm clock in the corner, the little "tale tale" lights on every electronic appliance. Smoke alarm...
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    connecting with other humans in RL

    Hi! Its been a while, I've been off on various tangents, and now find myself with the itch to work on a project. Back in my day (see my previous posts form a few years ago) crigslist and facebook were great for connecting with other local filmmakers in my area, however, it seems...
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    Can't convey ideas onto the page

    following a proper screen play format will help you "distill" your ideas. Describe Setting Describe action going on right now If you have to, and only as a last resort, allow your characters to speak.
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    real villains don't think of them selves as villains. Everyone thinks they are the good guy. Only in cartoons does the bad guy sit around and say things like "mwwaaa what evil can I do today?" From a story perspective everyone is trying to do what they think is "right" to various levels of...
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    Community Project

    FWIW: I found the original literal cell phone footage on my vimeo. When I shot the ufo plate footage I rigged the GH2 and Iphone 4 together to get near the same frame. I haven't located the GH2 footage yet. UPDATE: Think I just located both the cell phone and gh2 plate footage on my ftp...
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    Community Project

    Anyone find the link to the cell footage.. ? I found this to the current edit from CF.. PW: indietalk
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    Community Project

    quarterly check in.. how goes the project?
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    Forum Discussion

    ha.. how come nobodys posted this yet.. you all let me down.
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    Dudes -- I MISS YOU!!!

    Im not really into film making anymore, but I sure miss this community. whats everyone up to? CF? Where the heck are you? FYI: Im a VR game\experience developer now. Got a game on steam even.. Learned alot in these forums that I still use ..
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    Community Project

    Hey.. I live,. How goes the project?
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    Community Project

    hey all! Still kicking! Got into VR game development.. but missing film a bit
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    Community Project

    hi. Im still alive, is everyone else :-) Iv sorta left off film making for a bit.. I think it just sorta happened when I wasnt looking.. I have a new love now.. and well she just gets me.. EDIT: That was a metaphor by the way
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    holly crud 4k for under 5K

    Blackmagic rocks it again.. seems like a red killer to me..
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    Models! (And not the sexy kind)

    model railroad shops are great resource.
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    looking for props

    you heard of this thing called the internet right.. man if you cant find a doll in 2 minutes your doing it wrong..
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    Securing Land for a set

    You really need to design the shots. Id story board every one. Here is why.. Your fixating on making a trench.. but if you can step back and realize it only has to LOOK like a trench and then it only has too look like a trench from certain angles then new construction possibilities will open...
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    How would I go about making this fashion film?

    ideas are cheap.. come up with another one... save this one for when you have more resources.
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    Need help deciding on a lens

    I may have been referring to something you edited out of your original post. My comments dont seem to line up with your comments :) I see you updated your post a day after I made my comments.. Last edited by scottefm; 01-15-2015 at 10:52 AM. No offense was intended if any was taken. You...
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    Odd translucent bending line top of Sony vegas 12

    example? screen shots?