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    How to film inside a Car

    Ah, a topic I know something about! :) Put together a road trip short film back in Feb & March, most of which takes place inside a Ford Focus with a bunch of crap in the back seat. Not easy, but all sorts of fun. I did a shit ton of audio tests ahead of time and...
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    What are you working on?

    Hey Cracker! We had fun with that one. Josh's music always suits the spooky mood. :) Yo, Josh!
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    What are you working on?

    Nick, Theme: Christmas movies and/or bad Christmas sweaters? Prop: potatoes? Line: "Uhm spoiler alert."?
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    What are you working on?

    Getting into the Halloween spirit... It's been ages since my last post. Hoping everyone is doing well! In the spirit of MidKnightly's Halloween Challenge I wanted to share a short for the haunted season... THE HALLOWEEN SPIRIT. With music from JoshL (yeah!), Keshco & others. This was one of...
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    watch Slow year, hoping 2015 is busier :)

    Hey Gorilla, thanks for watching and offering your reaction. I won't get into some of the bigger challenges I struggled with, but for this particular music video my instinct was to steer away from a formal narrative and instead let the visuals and abstract imagery take center stage, to sort of...
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    watch Slow year, hoping 2015 is busier :)

    There's a lot to take in with that one. Thanks for taking a look, Richy. :cool:
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    watch Slow year, hoping 2015 is busier :)

    Hey, glad you dig this one. Definitely a frenetic blast of salad in your face. :D Next musvid will probably be tame in comparison, but that’s OK with me. One long slo-mo take? Simple editing? Sign me up! :deal:
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    Community Project

    Very tempted to check it out, but want to wait until the final cut is shelf ready! Unless the team is looking for feedback and/or general impressions. Good to see progress with this project. :yes:
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    watch Slow year, hoping 2015 is busier :)

    Nice of you to say, Nick. Thanks. Next one will actually be low on concept, but hopefully the camera work will look slick. We'll see. Here's to breakthroughs in 2015! :cheers:
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    watch Slow year, hoping 2015 is busier :)

    Only got around to putting one project together, a music video for the San Diego band Abandon The Raft. EAST is now on YouTube, better version on vimeo. (still can’t embed vimeo here?) Vimeo Being a generalist and...
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    Merry Christmas / Season's Greetings

    Merry Merry to all and to all a Happy & Prosperous 2015! :cheers: May your New Year dreams and goals take shape and remain in focus. :yes: Annnnd... action! :director: Jeff at
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    Film Poster Artwork

    What's MOST important about this thread is the fact that you're finally shooting that feature. Congrats! Hope it all comes together. :) The poster art is striking and different. I like the artist's style. All the scribbles made me think of frizzy curly hair, so maybe down the road, depending on...
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    RIP CamVader (John Kilderry)

    Josh sent me an email about this news which came just a few days after John and I had exchanged emails via Twitter, where he and I often went back and forth with tweets about film and such. Definitely feeling rattled and saddened. John was a kindhearted person and an enthusiastic filmmaker...
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    Community Project

    Very cool that this project has come so far! :yes:
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    It's Time Again... MidKnightly 2013!

    Say... CHEESE?? Or... Hey folks. My MidKnightly entry for last year CAVEAT EMPTOR which includes Josh's music gets a bi-coastal screening on Halloween Eve. One takes place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the other in Hollywood at the Chinese Theaters hosted by Justin Beahm for HollyShorts. A...
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    easiest way to animate this?

    Been absent for a stint. Finally finished that EAST music video for the San Diego band Abandon The Raft. As a courtesy to Ahmed for the spinning diamond and helpful advice from others I wanted to post a link. (still no embedding for Vimeo...?) EAST ~ Abandon The Raft...
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    Your dream festival (US)

    Very cool. :cool: I've heard good things about that school. We loved that area. My wife and I lived there for three years up until this past September when we moved (kicking and screaming) back to our roots/family in New England, landing in the Boston area. Boy do I miss the weather and wine...
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    Your dream festival (US)

    Thanks. :) I'll definitely report back with details worth sharing. So far I have a lot of homework to do with all the required materials... and I'm OK with that! Were we still living back in Ventura, I'd be able to easily attend. Now that we're here in Boston I'm not sure I can swing the travel...
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    RIP Bob Hoskins

    Aw no! Hoskins was definitely up there with the best. He knocked it out of the park in The Long Good Friday. Loved him in Roger Rabbit and, yes, even Hook. Brazil!! :yes:
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    Dying in a funny way

    What a classic! a Rube Goldberg death could be fun. I think the beginning of The City of Lost Children had something along those lines, although with very elaborate set pieces and camera work. and Six Feet Under always (usually?) started out each episode with someone dying, sometimes in very...