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    website Film Emporium Entertainment Insurance

    Happy Monday! Need insurance for your upcoming film, web series, event, photoshoot, or equipment? Visit and let us help you protect your upcoming event!
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    website Film Insurance at Film Emporium

    Happy Friday everyone! Go to if you or someone you know needs film insurance for their next film shoot, photoshoot, event or even their equipment. Let us help you!! :hi:
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    website Film Insurance

    Happy Monday everyone! If you need insurance for your upcoming film, event or photoshoot or even your equipment make sure to visit our website and let us help you obtain insurance!
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    event DOC NYC

    Doc NYC is America's largest documentary film festival and we are proud to announce that one of our owners, Laird Criner, here at Film Emporium is speaking on a panel regarding E & O Insurance on Thursday November 14th! For more information on Doc NYC check out, and for...
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    service E&O Insurance from Film Emporium

    Did you know we provide E&O insurance too? We have provided E&O insurance to many successful films such as My Friend Dahmer and Apollo 11 the movie! For more information about E&O, visit or give us a call! Errors & Omissions - Legal liability coverage, including defense costs...
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    service Filmmakers Needing Film Insurance

    Filmmakers, do you have an upcoming project coming up? Have you found insurance for it yet? Come visit and fill out an application then let us do the rest! We'll assign you a broker and send you a quote and help you with any needs or questions you may have! Check us out.
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    service The Last Trap Family - Film Emporium Film Insurance

    We insured a short film called The Last Trap Family! It's in many film festivals and you can watch it right on youtube. Click this link to go watch it: Let us help you get insurance for your next upcoming shoot! :hi:
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    service Film Insurance at Film Emporium

    Need film insurance for your next shoot? Go to and fill out one of our applications. We can insure your equipment, photo shoots or your events too. Check us out!
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    service Film Emporium's 24th Anniversary

    Today we celebrate our 24th anniversary! 24 years of hardwork and dedication! We thank and appreciate all of our clients!!! Come be a client and let us help you in getting insurance for your next film shoot, photo shoot, event or equipment! Go to our website 😁
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    service Sorry to Bother You - Film Emporium Insurance

    I'm sure you heard of the movie Sorry to Bother You. If you haven't go watch it! It's a great and successful movie that we helped insured! We had a great experience working with the team behind this film and providing them with film insurance. If you or anyone you know needs insurance on their...
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    service Monsters at Large

    Another movie insured by us! It's a cute kid friendly movie that we were lucky enough to get chosen for by the producers to help them make this movie a success! Check it out. Check us out as well at!
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    service Film Emporium's Website

    Have you seen our website? If you go to you can see what we’re all about! If you’re interested in getting a quote from us your first step would be to go on the website and fill out an application. We also have a great FAQ and insurance definitions section if you need some...
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    service Film Insurance

    Need insurance for anything entertainment related? We will gladly help you with anything you need. For more information, go to our website
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    ad Phantom Cowboys

    Phantom Cowboys won Best Documentary in three different festivals in 2018! It was our pleasure providing insurance to this fantastic film. Go check it out if you haven't already and be sure to check us out at for all your entertainment insurance needs!
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    service Film Insurance

    Students, filmmakers, any one in the media industry!! Are you looking to insure your equipment or your next upcoming project? Let us guide and help you. Check us out on our website at and don't hesitate to give us a call either! 😁
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    movie-talk Kill The Movie

    Be on the look out for this new film by Quentin Guobadia that we helped insured! They recently got accepted in the Buffalo International Film Festival. Congrats to them!
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    watch Impossible Monsters

    Check out the link above! It's the trailer to a film we helped insure called Impossible Monsters. They'll be in the New York Latino Film Festival on August 15th. What do you think? Need help with insurance? Go to our website 😁
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    service Insurance

    If you need insurance for your next film, tv, web or movie production don't hesitate to contact us at :)
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    Film Emporium

    We help and provide insurance for professionals working in the industry or servicing filmmakers in films, movies, web and TV productions in the United States and worldwide. :)