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  1. BME

    ad BME - trailer and compositions

    I'm playing doom eternal at the moment my game time is limited though lol, yeah definitely interested, enjoyed the clips the 3rd one actually reminds me of a track I've been messing around with, I'm pretty new to the online stuff so if you can point me in the right direction of preferred...
  2. BME

    ad BME - trailer and compositions

    Mick Gordon has a variety of styles but I'm assuming you mean the more heavy metal industrial style like his work in the DOOM games which is one of my all time favourite game franchise's and a style of music I've messed around in before, do you have a deadline or anything else I should know...
  3. BME

    ad BME - trailer and compositions

    If you want someone who cares as much about your project as I care about my music then message me as I am only interested in working on projects that I truly believe in and will enjoy and that's why my price is negotiable, check out my soundcloud page and don't be alarmed by the production...
  4. BME

    HI ALL!!!

    Hi everyone thanks for accepting me on to indietalk, I'm a big movie buff half decent gamer and love writing music, look forward to chatting