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  1. CagedAndWildMovie

    watch Just finished my first feature

    Hey guys! New member here I just finished my first feature and I’ve submitted to a few festivals. I’m not really sure what my next steps are, hopefully find distribution? I was wondering if anyone here has some insight or guidance for me to get my film seen :) I have a trailer out, do you...
  2. CagedAndWildMovie

    New to IndieTalk, but not to Film!

    What a fascinating story ❤️ How are things going with the new film so far?
  3. CagedAndWildMovie


    Heyyyy 😎
  4. CagedAndWildMovie

    New to Indie talk

    My name is Anthony Coryell, I’m a filmmaker from San Diego California and I’m new here. Thank you guys for having me, I’m hoping to meet filmmakers working the same budget levels as me, sharing the same issues and hopefully finding a common knowledge, that will help me, and those around me, to...