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    watch LEGO Batman Brickfilm

    Hi both. Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad you liked it!
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    watch LEGO Batman Brickfilm

    Hi all! I haven't been around here for a while! Hope everything's going well for everybody. I've recently decided to once again turn my hand to stop-motion animation (or at least attempt to). I've just finished off my first ever animation - that is, the first one I've ever completed... There's...
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    My screenplay Sample

    Notice - This document has been removed from Scribd.
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    favorite Favorite Scenes/Sequences Ever

    The first thing that springs to mind for me is the opening of Inglorious Basterds. I find that to be a masterpiece of tension building. I find the dialogue in that scene to be excellent - I can almost hear the characters reciting it in my head, as if it were all spoken in English. Love it.
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    I hated 'IT'? Is that OK?

    Correct. And I am fully aware that it is an opinion. But I guess my question is more about how/why people's tastes can vary so wildly that one person (or in the case of IT, what seems to be the majority of people) can overlook things such as horrible CGI and nonsensical stories and still enjoy a...
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    I hated 'IT'? Is that OK?

    I know it's ok to have differdnt opinions of films. People's tastes are different. I suppose the real point of my post is 'what's wrong with everyone else?'. It strikes me that IT is a bad film. Perhaps that is just my opinion. But I just don't understand why a film with as many issues as IT...
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    I hated 'IT'? Is that OK?

    With the impending release of the DVD/Blu-Ray, my attention has once again been turned back on to ‘IT’. Personally, I hated it. I felt that the CGI was awful and the repetitive attempts at almost-identical jump scares got very boring, very quickly. Most reviews I’ve read seem to state the...
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    Bloody Disgusting article you guys might enjoy!

    Check this out: Who do we think they're talking about here then?!?!? :) :thumbsup:
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    Sasquatch: Beast in the Wild Screenplay

    No, you shouldn't show Jack building the fire. But you also shouldn't write 'Jack has built a fire' if you can show that Jack has built a fire. How will the viewer of the finished film know that Jack built the fire? Does it have his name on it?
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    Sasquatch: Beast in the Wild Screenplay

    I've only read the first two pages. I've come across a handful of errors already, so I'm going to stop. Before I start, I will say that this is not entirely bad, and if you fix these problems, it will be mich nicer to read, allowing us to look more closely at the story ans the dialogue. Your...
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    5d to Computer to VHS

    You could always burn the project to DVD, then record that to VHS. All you'll need is a scart-to-scart lead between your DVD player and your VCR.
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    Brand new and on a budget - Need help with camera choice.

    RE: Cracker's above quote... If you feel like a pivoting screen would be useful (which it will!), the t3i has a pivoting screen. It's pretty much the same as the t2i, and, being fairly old now, one might only set you back a few extra $'s. Might be worth looking into. :)
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    Self Distribution - DVD Packaging

    Yeah, I've only ever received two DVD's where the discs had printed labels, and I must admit I was nervous about popping them in my Xbox... I know VOD is on the up (and has been for some time), but am seriously in the minority of people who still buy physical copies of films? Am I the only...
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    Self Distribution - DVD Packaging

    Just asking out of curiosity really, although this does stem from a conversation I had with a guy preparing to self distribute his own movie... How would you guys feel if you received a self distributed film and the packaging was substandard? What if the printing on the sleeve wasn't very good...
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    Same character + decades later = different actor

    Why did you use and example of 50 years, when that's quite wildly different to the 10 years you were actually asking about? Now that we know we're talking about the difference between 7 and 17, and that the character is 7 for only 2 pages, I would possibly write the character as YOUNG BOB and...
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    Same character + decades later = different actor

    I'd say don't capitalize. I'm not too sure on this, but if your script makes it quite clear that there is a 50 year jump, then it should be obvious to a reader that the character will be 50 years older, and that they will look as such. Noting their age may not be necessary. Perhaps a new...
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    I Can't Write a Spec Script

    Finding that person may be somewhat difficult though, especially as I'm sure that whoever it was would expect to be paid pretty well for their time. If the rewrite would need to be as massive as the OP seems to be implying, the person who does the rewrite would most likely want significant...
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    should i use this style cinematography in my new indie film "500 MILES"?

    It's not even close to what? Is what on purpose? As it stands, your reply is probably less helpful than a simple "no". So it is literally just for the footage on the camera? Then you should definitely use it, if what you want is your protagonist to find a camera and look at footage that looks...
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    How Do I Successfully Fund a Fan Film

    I hadn’t seen this before, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Who in their right mind would think that this would be acceptable? And how could they have gotten “real” actors to sign on to it? Star Trek is the one franchise that is 100% acceptable for people to make fan films of – Paramount are...
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    I have a Kickstarter now!

    This seems a little strange to me... So the mo-cap software is €300? Surely you absolutely need cameras, tripods and cables to do motion capture. If you don't raise more than your goal, how can you possibly do this?