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    Dylan Wolfe - Rocketman (unofficial video)

    Cut together using stock footage due to the pandemic. I'm usually an animator/designer, so editing, especially a music video, I'm not too experienced at
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    vfx eye effects

    There are several ways, perhaps if you post an image of the shot in mind I could figure out which is the most efficient?
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    vfx green screening a multicolored item?

    You'll have to key out as you normally would and then have a duplicate of the video over the top and then mask/roto the missing parts back in, it's the only way unfortunately. Unless the background is brighter than the foreground object, then you might be able to create a luma matte. I would...
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    video Editing Feedback Request (motion designer branching into editing a music video)

    Hi - Usually I'm animating or designing rather than editing, and wondered if it was possible to have some constructive feedback on a first music video? With 2020 being 2020, filming wasn't an option so it was cut together using stock footage, so please do let me know what you think, kindness...
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    Hi - New to the Forum (Motion/Graphic Designer)

    Hi! I'm a motion graphic designer with over 20 years experience. I've worked predominantly in a broadcast post production facility in London, UK, and now creating video marketing pieces for a telecommunications company in the US. Motion/Graphic design is my main thing, but I also composite vfx...