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    Drugs & Money

    The smuggling of weed would be the most boring film ever. Gotta make it a class A drug.
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    China rips RED facists.

    Please explain how RED are Fascists.
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    If your rich uncle gave you 10k....

    I'd spend all that money traveling, meeting people, discovering new ideas, concepts, cultures etc and apply that to a film.
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    Trying to get noticed..

    Make something that lots of people want to watch.
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    A more robust Ignore List

    Why the hell would you want to alienate yourself in such a way?
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    The Believer (2001)

    Ryan Gosling is currently my favourite actor. If you like his acting, check out Blue Valentine.
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    BIG hello from Norwich City, UK

    When do you normally film? I'll have to come and meet you some time.
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    Is h.264 really that bad?

    I was under the impression that h.264 was the best method of compression. Apart from lossless codecs, but they don't allow playback.
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    how can i learn 35mm camera use without school?

    A DSLR is NOT a 35mm camera. To even rent a 35mm camera it can costs millions of dollars.
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    Question about t2i default lens

    There not bad to start with, but kit lenses aren't so good quality. You want to invest in good glass, that's where the image quality comes from.
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    Nikon D7000 - Anyone used it yet?

    It looks good, but I'm waiting for the D800. It should be insane.
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    Dont Self Distribute Your Movie!

    Looks pretty scamish to me. Your website it just a contact form, it's not even a real website.
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    Want to buy Tokina 11-16. Good choice?

    Kit lenses are okay for most things, but not great at anything. I personally only use primes. I currently own a 50mm 1.4 and a 20mm 2.8. If you want something wide, go for a 20mm 2.8
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    Post-Prod Secrets

    It's all about minor tweaks. 10 different filters all at 10% will look infinitely better than 1 filter at 100%.
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    Upgrading to an HD camera. Suggestions?

    Anything other than a DSLR is a waste of money. (Except RED I guess)
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    script writing!?

    I had major troubles getting started writing my script. But building the character is a really good way to help you come up with a script.
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    Ech! Crass commercialism at it's worst.

    I wasn't saying Inland Empire was good. I'm pointing out that David Lynch shot a film without a script and it wasn't commercialism at it's worst. I don't need to read the article. Again, I'm simply pointing out that shooting without a script isn't commercialism at it's worst.
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    Ech! Crass commercialism at it's worst.

    David Lynch shot Inland Empire without a script. How is shooting without a script commercialism at it's worst? It's not.
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    Make this video footage look like film.

    Why is everyone so obsessed with getting the 'film look'? If you like the aesthetic of film, shoot on film. Personally I don't care weather a film looks analogue or digital.
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    Im on the DSLR TRAIN!

    Why buy two different brands of camera? You should have bought two cameras from the same brand (ie Canon) so you can share lenses between the two. Now you're going to have to buy a 50mm lens for GH2, and a 50mm lens for your t2i. It makes no sense. Also, instead of buying two cameras you should...