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  1. The StoryTelLer

    screenplay Kurzdrehbuch zum Massensterben in Itaewon Südkorea (Halloween 2022)

    ++++ Warnung: Die Inhalte dieser Story könnte Gefühle der Beklemmung, Angst und/oder der Trauer hervorrufen. ++++ Titel: A horrific night in Itaewon Anlass: Dieses sehr kurze Drehbuch ist den Opfern des vergangenen Samstags gewidmet. Story: Alles, was SAMUEL wollte, war seine...
  2. The StoryTelLer

    screenplay Rich and Poor: ist Armut Genetik? (German Screenplay)

    Hi there, thank you so much for taking the time and your feedback. Much appreciated. You seem to face the same challenges in German that I do when it comes to English scripts/proverbs. "Blüte" is also a synonym for fake money and with that of the concept fake, betrayal etc. Siri is an...
  3. The StoryTelLer

    screenplay Halloween Screenplay ++ Black Story ++ 2 pages

    Logline: A man shoots himself dead after listening to the radio. Happy Halloween folks P.
  4. The StoryTelLer

    screenplay Rich and Poor: ist Armut Genetik? (German Screenplay)

    Titel: Rich and Poor Tagline: Die Glücksritter trifft auf 8 Mile mit einer feurigen Brise Fack Ju Göthe. Beschreibung: 8 Leben werden komplett auf den Kopf gestellt, als eine Reality-Show ein waghalsiges Sozialexperiment wagt. Vier sozial-benachteiligte Kandidaten schlüpfen für eine...
  5. The StoryTelLer

    screenplay Funny little Halloween Screenplay

    Logline: A young wizard wished for his ex and instead received eternal doom. Hi there, I am a newcomer to this group and am fortunate to have the opportunity to showcase my work and learn from yours. And while I make money as a writer, I still have a lot more to learn. Especially in English...
  6. The StoryTelLer

    story It was all just a Dream

    Wow, what an interesting thought. I agree that the dream itself has proven its worth numerous times over the decades and doesn't necessarily serve as a parachute to a quick end. I tend to prefer those endings that leave you wondering about the true nature of the status quo, like "Shutter...
  7. The StoryTelLer

    New Kid on The Block

    Hallo ihr Lieben, thank you :hi:
  8. The StoryTelLer

    New Kid on The Block

    Hi guys :), I'm a Brazilian/-German Screenwriter and looking to read, study and post great Screenplays. All the best, The StoryTelLer