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  1. HailtotheKing

    watch Lip-Stick, my new silent comedy

    "Lip-Stick" my newest silent film shot on Super 8 is now online for your viewing pleasure. It was a lot of fun making it and I hope you'll enjoy it. Click here to view Lip-Stick. In this silent film we find the "little fellow" up to his old tricks. But along the way he meets a girl named Ruby...
  2. HailtotheKing

    Permission to come aboard

    Welcome aboard! :) Hope you enjoy your stay here with us. :D
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    Great to see you posting again on the boards Steve! Hope you got my Christmas card from LAST YEAR! LOL :P Welcome back ol' film buddy. ;)
  4. HailtotheKing

    Film processing

    Wish I would have seen this topic sooner, but if you are a student you can get discounts at different places. I know Kodak has student discounts. ;) Hope that helps alittle.
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    Google Earth + sfx

    You got me hooked! An awesome site. :D Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Some really great sounds. ;)
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    Check This Out A Tv Station

    Thanks for the link. :) I think I'll submit something with Halloween right around the corner.
  7. HailtotheKing

    Post your Youtube link!

    Great idea for a topic! :) Been on youtube for almost 9 months. Here's my link...
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    Happy Birthday Phil

    Happy Birthday Phil! All the best! :D
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    New Member

    Welcome to the boards! Hope you enjoy your stay with us. ;) Good luck with your script/movie! You'll have to keep us updated about it.
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    Happy Birthday, Spatula!!!!

    Spatula! Hope you had a fun day! Here's to another year of filmmaking!
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    Cool site! I'll submit somethings this weekend. :)
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    DIY Reflector Stand

    Cool link! Thanks for passing it on. I've used a car window reflector a few times. It was double sided with one side gold and the other silver. Some of the simplest things can be used for your productions! :D
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    avatar curious

    <<<< is myself from my silent film, Swindling Charade. :)
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    How do I know when I'm done?

    Knight, if it "sounds" done it might be. Just take the cart out of the camera and look. It'll say END if it's done. If not then you still got a few feet to go. Which shouldn't be much if the gauge is reading 50ft now. ( byt the way you won't ruin any of your film you've already taken up by doing...
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    announcement Avatar and profile picture sizes changed...

    Awsome thanks for the bigger sizes. I agree they were to small. :) Going to update mine now....;)
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    iTunes for indie movies

    Welcome to the boards and it sounds like a great idea. Can't wait to see the site. ;)
  17. HailtotheKing

    Free music for filmmakers

    Great site! Thanks for sharing it with us. ;)
  18. HailtotheKing

    Here's a cool educational podcast

    Thanks for sharing these with us! I'll download a few. They look pretty good. ;)
  19. HailtotheKing

    Finally got a camera!

    Robert, Congrats! I'm so glad it turned out so well for you! Can't wait to see some screenshots/footage of it! :D Where did you get the transfer done by the by? :)
  20. HailtotheKing

    IPIFF 2006 : FREE Submission for Premiere Members

    Awesome offer! I'm going to take you up on it for sure! :D