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  1. Maxsdad

    Anatomy of a Troll

    Reagan didn't decide and shut down anything... California's 1967 Lanterman-Petris-Short Act was responsible for the release of (non-dangerous) mental patients held against their will, which led to the defunding of institutions, and THAT led to their closure.
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    pre-pro Tips on filming at a house that belongs to home owners assocaiton with a low-no budget?

    Sorry for agreeing with you, James. As for filming within an HOA, I asked our management company (who reports to our HOA) about filming within the community, and she said there was no standing requirement to get any licenses or permits for filming in a private home. Our HOA is wholly private...
  3. Maxsdad

    pre-pro Tips on filming at a house that belongs to home owners assocaiton with a low-no budget?

    I don't know all the specifics, but a neighbor of mine's had 3 things filmed at his home in the past 18 months. One was Porsche commercial, one was some sitcom pilot (might have been a "proof of concept" video), and the third was a video for the Palm Springs Office of Tourism. And there was...
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    series What series are you watching?

    I saw a house on Flathead Lake, MT, that was 3 bedrooms, 7 baths, and was 7500 sq ft. I'm thinking "What? You have separate bathrooms for the frigging cows?"
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    misc Screw Hollywood—let’s make our own movies!

    My best friend, who, 40 years ago, introduced me to my late wife, said I would never understand her definition of "success". But success would be being able to afford to buy three bras, and not worry about the cost.
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    A few days late, but welcome to indietalk, Polyvision. Sorry, but I ate all the salsa... I'll make more.
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    Award-winning writer, new here at indietalk

    Welcome to indietalk, Expat.
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    New to IndieTalk, but not to Film!

    Mr. Reed's career must keep him incredibly busy, his was a "one and done" post.
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    A newbie here

    Not my fault, Mara stole my glasses! Sorry about that.
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    A newbie here

    Welcome to indietalk, Pumpkin.
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    Most Shocking Song Ever? Wheeler Walker Jr. Blasphemy

    I hope everyone understands that Ben Hoffman (Wheeler Walker Jr) is a comedian, and that his albums are satire. I didn't say he was a GOOD comedian...
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    Illustrator, Sculptor, and now Writer!

    Welcome to indietalk, Brianna. What part of Florida?
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    Welcome to indietalk, Marc. I flew into Andrews one time and spent 8 hours driving through DC TOTALLY LOST. Somehow I made it to Arlington, but I don't remember a single thing I actually saw in the Capital. There were a million cars there and they all had horns and they were all honking at me...
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    New Kid on The Block

    Welcome to indietalk.
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    Er, uh, yeah, well, hey Bill.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the jungle, njrbrl.
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    "Delicious" (2021). A wonderful little movie about the chef who introduced the French fry to the world. Okay, MAYBE it's a little deeper than that. it's about a pre-French revolution chef fired by his noble master, who, with the help of a mysterious young woman, opens the first French...
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    Welcome, Spaceman.
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    Welcome to indietalk, Filmbuddy.
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to indietalk, Jim.