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    Film schools in the USA and UK - Suggestions

    Yep, NFTS is an amazing school. Very hard to get into, so something that you should consider. If you do get a chance I would suggest going to an open day. I attended one and applied but sadly did not get through. But the open day's really explain how much channel the selected few into a future...
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    Youtube is playing with the big boys

    I find the whole 'Originals' concept very intriguing. Because they promote it like they have created the content but from what I understand the producers / or even writers pitch the idea to these VOD companies (Amazon, Netflix, now Youtube etc) and if its something they believe in, they will...
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    China Ball

    assuming you dont have power on set, I have powered a number of small lighting setups with a battery pinch and V-mount battery when power has gone down or arrived to find out theres no power. They normally have 12v out / d-tap and have a bunch of cable converters. If you are needing to move...
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    How do you entertain yourself while editing?

    The occasional puppy video/gif does it for me.
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    Also new

    Also new here! Hellllo