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    Is Acting a Misunderstood Art Form?

    I agree with everything that has been said about natural talent. Some people, yes, are naturally talented, but sometimes stories about people just being plucked up into major motion pictures are a little exagerrated. While not an actor per se, as a model Cameron Diaz spent years in front of a...
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    Spectre: Discussion

    The best James Bond film this year was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Seriously, Tom Cruise was great, and Rebecca Ferguson was leagues ahead of Lea Seydoux in Spectre. Not just in acting chops and presence. But the character of Ilsya Faust was sooooo much more interesting. In fact, I...
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    A continuous shot.

    Thanks for the added info on the audio AudioPostExpert. Sorry about the quality of the audio, just found those clips on YouTube. I went back and watched, and I can see what you mean with foley. Also, I noticed the way the opening clip of the long walk is very carefully worked from audio...
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    A continuous shot.

    THIS! I feel pacing in long two shots is one of the more common mistakes inexperienced directors make. You simply cannot make the dialogue snappier or have the actors pick up their cues in post production. Long, dialogue heavy scenes can be made interesting with long two shots though. They...
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    Question about screenplay format

    Gone Girl has an opening VO and closing VO for Ben Affleck's character. I'm pretty sure we don't hear VO for him through the rest of the film. The opening and closing VO's are very closely related, but we know so much more by the end that we have a very different understanding of it.
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    Project Greenlight: Season 4

    I disagree with you in one respect. While it is pretty clear they went with the guy that provides the most drama, I think they established through their discussions, and the clips, that without a doubt he was the best and most interesting fillmmaker out of the 13 finalists. It think Damon and...
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    Why is the sound so bad?

    Honestly, when I started watching it, in that hospital scene, I thought that it was voiceover narration - and very poor sound quality of voiceover narration at that. Then, as the camera got closer, I realized - oh, he's actually supposed to be speaking these lines. At this point, I am...
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    What's a better way to reveal this twist?

    I agree with others here. There is really an endless string of movies with the setup you are laying out here. Sea of Love, Jagged Edge, Basic Instinct, etc. Detective noir's are full of this type of thing. And, as you mention, MANY of the Bond movies, and indeed the spy genre in general...
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    Where are film festivals standards about erotic/controversial content listed?

    It's interesting. I never thought about it until your post here. I've been to a lot of film festivals , both as an attendee and as an artist. Feature narrative films have nudity pretty regularly. There is also no shortage of erotic or controversial content in feature programs. However, when I...
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    What lens and aperture should I use for these types of shots?

    If you go online, many of the top makeup tutorial YouTuber's have videos detailing their lighting and camera setups, some of them right down to the lens and ISO. To be perfectly honest, I watched your video you have linked and I don't find the focus issue to be as distracting as you might...
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    Do movie studios lie about their budgets?

    Here is quote from one of the makers of the The Blair Witch:
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    Do movie studios lie about their budgets?

    The P&A is pretty much always on top of the reported production budget. Here is a relatively recent article breaking it down. And here is an older article about P&A costs. I just read the thread you linked to and it seems to more be about trying to reconcile different reported budgets when...
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    Do movie studios lie about their budgets?

    A typical reported film budget usually does not include marketing and distribution costs (P&A - Prints and Advertising.) It is very easy for an effects laden film to soar into those budget numbers. A common saying about effects houses is this: Good, Cheap, Fast: You are only allowed two of...
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    SAG & Unemployment Compensation

    You probably already have done this, but I would contact your payroll company. They will have information for you. W-2 actors can, depending on eligibility, file for unemployment.
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    Do actors expect pay on the same day as wrap up?

    You may possibly run into a little irritation if you had an agreement that you would pay them on the day and now you are not going to be able to. But that's to be expected from anybody on any type of job, right? But as long as you explain it and tell them when you are going to pay them...
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    Do actors expect pay on the same day as wrap up?

    Non-union actor, here. I expect to be paid net 30. I never expect that I will be paid on the day of the shoot, UNLESS it was stated up front that I would be paid on the day of the shoot. SAG is a completely different story, depending on the agreement, etc.
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    When it comes to plotting, how do you make coincidences seem natural?

    In most of the examples you use, the writers have gone to great extents to set up the "coincidence." So much so, that it doesn'treally qualify as pure coincidence. It is more like coincidental timing, (as others have pointed out.) As the audience, we are kind of waiting to see it happen...
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    Before you pick up your iPhone to film the next Tangerine...

    Tangerine, the Sundance hit that was filmed on an iPhone, is starting to roll out to theaters and on-demand. But before you pick up your phone and start filming a feature or a short, take note of this article. TANGERINE DREAM: THE INSIDE STORY ON THE SUNDANCE IPHONE FILM Particularly pay...
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    Group Auditions

    BTW, I don't want you to think that there is anything inherently wrong with unconventional methods in auditioning or rehearsal and production. And there are some actors that are totally down with that. And it might be the way to go depending on the project. However, you just need to make sure...
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    Group Auditions

    Is this an open call, or are these people you have selected for audition? I ask because as a professional actor, if I went to an open call audition I would expect to wait, be seen and leave. I would not be expecting, (as true indie and Director have said,) some type of group acting class. If...