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  1. Chris Tempel

    series What series are you watching?

    Series I've recently watched, or am watching, or re-watching Recent: Wednesday - Loved it That 90's Show - it was cute Currently Watching/Re-Watching Home Improvement Arrow That 70's Show X-Files
  2. Chris Tempel

    series What series are you watching?

    I live minutes from Flathead Lake. It's not just the lake with insane homes, it's everywhere out here. And it screws up the property taxes for those that have normal homes.
  3. Chris Tempel

    film-school My Top 5 Books on Filmmaking

    5. Roadracers: The Making of a Degenerate Hotrod Flick 4. The Gurella Filmmakers Movie Blueprint 3. What They Don't Teach You In Filmschool 2. The DV Rebel's Guide 1. Rebel Without A Crew What are some of your favorites? Can be instructional or motivational
  4. Chris Tempel


    This is great advice. When I'm feeling like I'm in a creative rut, I grab my old T2i and just shoot stuff. I'll wander around places where nobody is around, like fairgrounds in the off season. I let myself just shoot and be arty. Then I bring it home and cut it together with music trying to...
  5. Chris Tempel

    Old Crow Spec Commercial

    Thanks Nate!
  6. Chris Tempel

    Old Crow Spec Commercial

    Update I went ahead and digitally removed the blemishes on the glass using Fusion. It looks good enough that if you're not looking for them, you won't find them. I also managed to create a high enough quality version of Andy that I added it to the title screen at the end. Tossed it on my...
  7. Chris Tempel

    Old Crow Spec Commercial

    True. And if they did want me to do a project, or even adapt this one, I can get graphics from them and discuss more what look they'd like.
  8. Chris Tempel

    Old Crow Spec Commercial

    Some really good points here. I'm new to product videos, so lots to learn. I'm reconsidering shooting this for some of the reasons mentioned. When you walk into their lounge area, it's very "Montana". Rustic. I have another table that might better represent that. I'll have to think about...
  9. Chris Tempel

    Old Crow Spec Commercial

    Thanks IndieTalk for the feedback. I think this may be the final:
  10. Chris Tempel

    Old Crow Spec Commercial

    I should add, I left everything set up this time, so I can re-shoot if needed
  11. Chris Tempel

    Old Crow Spec Commercial

    Excellent points. I'll re-shoot rotation 2 a bit slower. I did shoot the pour lined up once, but you couldn't see their branding, so I went with it off center. Is that too distracting?
  12. Chris Tempel

    Old Crow Spec Commercial

    Round 2! I have a local distillery just down the street and want to reach out to them about doing a larger project. So yesterday I bought a $50 bottle of whiskey from them and re-made my Old Crow spec almost shot for shot. I took the feedback from you all and applied it, adding sounds and...
  13. Chris Tempel

    locations Camera/gear mishaps, disasters and horror stories

    I had just started my own production company and was setting up a shot for my first job. It was my camera in a Glidecam, flown with vest and arm. I bow into the camera and thought it was seated properly but as I stand up, the whole thing takes a dive and falls three feet to the floor...
  14. Chris Tempel

    foley Abuse of stock sound effects hurting a project's identity(?)

    That's the part I don't get. Unless somehow the creators of the sound got themselves into the Content ID system, so any use of the sounds had to be proved. It's the same thing with my loops. I paid for Mixcraft. I have a license to use the included loops. But a loop that is used in a higher...
  15. Chris Tempel

    So this year is off to a great start...

    So this year is off to a great start...
  16. Chris Tempel

    foley Abuse of stock sound effects hurting a project's identity(?)

    Here's what I think is happening, which leads to another issue. Sound effects libraries, and even VFX element libraries are commonly shared. For better or for worse, that what happens on a show. I've seen it. Everyone's working together and adds to the asset pool for a project. At the end...
  17. Chris Tempel


    I detailed a lot of the making of this over in my blog for the new Leap movie, but wanted to share the short film I shot with my neighbors for the challenge I was given - "Jaws, but in a Montana Lake". The acting isn't great, but technically I learned a lot doing this. Shot mostly in RAW on my...
  18. Chris Tempel

    cgi Spaceship in my room

    Nice! I need to go back into some of my old DV movies and try to give them the Special Edition treatment ;) Seriously though, nice work! What software were you using back then to do that?
  19. Chris Tempel


    I'd believe it. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason why my last film has 1.5 million views on YouTube. On the flip side, I find that getting people involved to make a film with religious themes is more difficult than say horror. Same with getting funding. Unless you belong to a large...
  20. Chris Tempel

    industry How do I get listed on IMDB?

    Were they a part of your own films? That part is easy. I just remember that for me (back in 2010), I had submit my film, add myself, and wait for two weeks for it all to get approved. I think there were some other hoops I had to jump through too. But once you're in the system, it is pretty...