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    ChatGPT thread

    The new government could just as easily have opted to continue slavery and profit from it, but they didn't. But I do understand your point.
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    Composer looking for a new film to score

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    ChatGPT thread

    Haiti was the first nation to abolish slavery - in 1793.
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    ChatGPT thread

    This is true :)
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    ChatGPT thread

    Fortunately, I'm old enough that I can probably successfully boycott getting one until I'm dead. :)
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    tv Jack Ryan

    me too
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    tv Openings

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    3/4 of the way through the 1st draft of a new thriller screenplay for a client :)

    3/4 of the way through the 1st draft of a new thriller screenplay for a client :)
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    Febbuary filosophizing

    I never would have guessed 🤣
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    Febbuary filosophizing

    The Mets are baseball and the Jets are football. Just saying.... :)
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    Febbuary filosophizing

    Now I'm wanting steak & biscuits for dinner instead of the planned spaghetti & meatballs @sfoster But seriously, I DO rate/grade things within categories rather than across them. I rate light rom coms against others of that genre, not against award-winning dramas or ground-breaking documentaries.
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    Science Documentary in NorCal

    For my last feature, I sent rough-cut screeners (private links) & anonymous feedback questionnaires to anyone who said they'd be willing to watch. This included family & friends, business colleagues, and willing victims (kidding!) of production team members.
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    Hello hello!

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    Hey, how you a doin?

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    news ‘Reboot’ Canceled at Hulu After Just One Season

    It was worth it for the episodes that were great, which is more than most series have :)
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    misc American Highschools

    Glad I could help! And yeah, the mascot gives you some insight to the area, I think.
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    misc American Highschools

    How about this? The stats are from the 2020 US Census Buchanan County demographics You can see that it's 94% white, and has a poverty rate of 23.9%. I checked Newark NJ for comparison, and that has a poverty rate of 25.8%. The overall rate in the US is 11.6%. Here are the 3 high schools in...
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    movies Very Few People I Talk to LIKE Modern Day Oscar Winning Films....

    That's a good point. And I think you're looking at how well the movies are made rather than simply how they make you feel.
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    tv Openings

    There's a story of a lovely lady.... :)
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    treatment What I learned from the frustration of (re-)writing 2 page treatments

    I wish I could but they're all covered by NDA's.