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    The topic of being Organized

    I listened to an audiobook by Dan Charnas Work Clean: The Life-Changing Power of Mise-en-Place to Organize Your Life, Work, and Mind and I have applied many of the concepts, but to follow it have to be some kind of superhuman IMO lol...maybe I am overthinking it all, but it is true...
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    Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    lol I am not trying to de-rail the thread but here is a funny concept in Texas for watching JAWS
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    Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    I remember reading about "Jaws" being the first "Blockbuster" because it was the first to go outside of the 'studio system', (this is just off my memory) so correct me if I am wrong and am definitely not trying to spread mis-information etc if I am wrong.... What did Jaws do, that made it such a...
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    Harrison Ford: I would like to donate 4% to the carpenter lucky role foundation. And, 1% to those actually making art in films. Thank you, thank you
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    Ask Us Anything About Screenwriting

    What makes a great blockbuster story/film?:)
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    I don't get political, but curious as to why

    I don't remember the Enchirito...I remember a lot of the others on this list though:) lol It looks good! You think I can ask for it these days at Taco Bell as a non menu item?:)
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    The topic of being Organized

    I have been getting more organized lately, almost to the point it is kind of a bit too organized, but I am noticing major differences overall. What is a good balance lol? Can you be overly organized and creative at the same time? I can think of some examples of people who appear to be slobs as...
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    A mistake by Wired

    Still trying to do art:)
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    A mistake by Wired
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    I recently bought a Gresus 3 Inch Magic Plasma Ball Lamp - Touch Sensitive Interactive Plasma Lamp for about 20 bucks. It is nothing that was essential, but I can't believe the ideas that come to mind and Zen state it puts me in while using it..I have seen these since the 80's (they were much...
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    story Throw away ideas, that can turn into a story

    I think it’s exactly what it is, a Clustering thread to get ideas that might seem stale, turn into something else, or just to see the idea from a different angle. Or just a way to inspire thinking of new ideas:) I think the thread or idea posted can be morphed into anything :)
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    story Throw away ideas, that can turn into a story

    You could easily turn these ideas into like a Spikes (Twilight Zone) type series:) That story alone has had me thinking about it on and off about it since you posted it lol
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    movies Alamo Drafthouse / Indietalk Drafthouse

    It has a following in Austin, and it works, Will there eventually be an Indietalk Drafthouse?:) Just had to ask:)
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    story Page 1

    Always looking for ideas and inspiration to write !:)
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    story Page 1

    Something I am struggling with, with time, and everything else.
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    movies Movie Locations Thread

    I am not sure how it is now, but about 10 years ago I was in old downtown Port Arthur, Texas, and now I think, damn, this old downtown is an amazing movie set lol The Sabine hotel (Hotel Sabine) was crazy...abandoned since the 30s?
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    You're studio Chill electronica music, It works for me, or whatever out there like it
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    favorite What's your favorite old technology movie?

    Screamers 1995:)
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    movies Fat City 1972

    If you have the time, I would love to see your full view of the movie and response, no rush, there is no hurry. :) Watch it in 15 minute intervals over a year, there is no rush:)
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    movies Fat City 1972

    It is interesting for sure!!