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    format Format help

    Thank you for your example. I'll have a look for the screenplay and see how it's formatted (e.g. Are the character names written 'Younger Calogero' etc.) 'A place beyond the pines' just popped into my mind too, which is probably split down the middle between backstory and forestory. Thanks...
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    format Format help

    Thanks for the reply, I agree The Exorcist backstory is not very compelling. I personally dislike it if anything, but I guess the foreign land and ancient artifact adds to the scares and 'unknown'... 'It' is a good example. Except that backstory is much more directly linked than mine...
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    format Format help

    Hi, Thank you for your reply! Interesting!! Hmm I would say it may have too much going on if anything, it was split up in segmants before and spread out through out the script, and now it's all together it may seem rushed and squashed... I agree it should be as tight as possible.. Thank you
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    story Zombies?

    Hmmm... 28 days/weeks later, because the zombies can run, I find other zombie movies have a slight comedic side to them, as the zombies are so slow and stupid...
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    format Format help

    Hi All, Previously my latest thriller/horror screenplay was layered with flashbacks from different time periods throughout, and from different people/perspectives. However, I now find that following feedback, I need to cut down the flashbacks and bring most of it to real-time with not so...
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    Greetings All

    Hello, I'm an aspiring screenwriter from the UK, I endlessly try and place well in screenwriting competitions as it appears to be the only viable way for me to succeed with my dream at the moment.