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  1. Hammerstone

    Who says it has to be MOTION picture?

    Interesting films guys, thanks for sharing them! I've been kind of indifferent to Lomography and their cameras, but some are kind of cool, and the Lomokino is definitely one of those. I don't know how I'd feel about using one, being a cheap piece of plastic with a pretty awful-looking...
  2. Hammerstone

    watch The Lights of Seven Falls (fake trailer)

    Here is a video I made for a contest at work. I used a 35mm SLR camera and 3 rolls of Kodak film.
  3. Hammerstone

    Who says it has to be MOTION picture?

    Apologies, I can seem to get it to embed... :huh:
  4. Hammerstone

    Who says it has to be MOTION picture?

    I've read a lot of talk about how film is too costly for youtube videos. On one level, I agree, but as a purist, I won't use anything else. I have no money, and not even a working super 8 camera at the moment, let alone the budget to allow for processing/scanning of motion picture film; what I...
  5. Hammerstone

    Workflow with composers.

    Apologies. I must have misunderstood where you were coming from, and admittedly I feel a bit misunderstood myself, but I didn't come here to start fights. Quite the opposite. I do agree with a lot of what you guys have said and anything else isn't worth expending more energy over. But still...
  6. Hammerstone

    Workflow with composers.

    In response to AudioPostExpert: Out of curiosity, who is your favorite film composer? Is it Hans Zimmer? Lots of good points, and you certainly take a very modernist approach in your attitudes. This is indeed the reality in which we live, and sadly a lot of composers are treated like crap...
  7. Hammerstone

    Workflow with composers.

    I also second low-res video, timecode, and no temp score. Also, don't mess with the score after the fact without informing the composer first. Actually, so far I've only scored my own video projects so I don't know how much help my advice would be, but as a composer, I know that's the way I...
  8. Hammerstone

    Filming scene w/ guns without permit

    That's strange, I did something similar recently, but I used a BB gun, it was in the woods, and I made sure the gun wasn't visible until I was there. Also, it helps that damn near everyone in my town is packing...
  9. Hammerstone

    Good cheap camera

    A garage sale?
  10. Hammerstone

    Are these good 16mm starting cameras when on a budget?

    ...not to mention that being designed as a sound-camera, it's already set up for single-perf 16mm film, which means that you have more options when buying film stock from Kodak - and even if the film gate hasn't been modified for Super-16, half the work is already done.
  11. Hammerstone

    Are these good 16mm starting cameras when on a budget?

    Of the two, I would also recommend you spring for the Bolex. I think what Zensteve is trying to say about the K3 is that with its spring-controlled transport, the actual framerate is quite erratic, so any kind of decent sound-sync is out of the question. I wouldn't know for sure, but that...
  12. Hammerstone

    Narration - do you like it?

    Actually, if I remember correctly from an interview I read a while back, he said that he didn't want to do it in the first place, and he thought that if he did it bad enough, the studio would never be stupid enough to use it. And the moral of the story is: never underestimate the stupidity of...
  13. Hammerstone

    Where to DEVELOP Super 8?

    I heard that Wal-Mart sends all their stuff to Dwayne's Photo, but I can't say for certain. At any rate, I hear they have pretty killer deals.
  14. Hammerstone

    Sources for archival footage

    "I could make an entire movie with this footage...we open on these strange one knows what's causing them, but they're upsetting all the buffalo..."
  15. Hammerstone

    Narration - do you like it?

    Do I like narration? Not when Harrison Ford does it...
  16. Hammerstone

    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Unfaithful ****1/2
  17. Hammerstone

    Choosable Movie Plot Path

    Also, remember all those FMV games for the Sega CD that were kinda the same thing!
  18. Hammerstone

    120Hz, 240Hz, 480Hz...

    Well, it sounds better than eating carrots...
  19. Hammerstone

    120Hz, 240Hz, 480Hz...

    You're right. I don't want to change. Also, if I wave my hand in front of my face really quick, I get a "strobing" and/or "blurring" effect. Is there any way to upgrade the framerate of my ocular sensors?