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  1. Layne

    ad Free and Open Source Software for Screenwriters

    Fedora user here. After a long hiatus from the industry, I returned to find that Celtx was online. Started using KIT earlier this week and I really like it. It's now what I use for screenwriting. Спасибо!
  2. Layne

    software Best video editing software that won't break the bank?

    Lightworks. It's free and it works on all 3 Operating systems.
  3. Layne

    My IMDb war over Sylvester Stallone...

    Sounds like imdb. I got into a spat with them after they suddenly removed one of my credits from an episode of a TV show I was in. I originally had 2 episode credit, but they deleted one a year after the show for some reason. So I simply submitted the app/form whatever to have it readded and it...
  4. Layne

    acting tips for beginners?

    Some Community colleges offer drama classes. When I was an actor, this how I got my start. It was invaluable. Not only will you have a structured class with an opportunity to learn the craft, but you'll meet a lot of actors who may be willing to share information. Some may be willing to share...